Monday, 29 April 2013

Instagram That!

Jumper- my grans
Shoes- ASOS
Smile- Priceless
Blazer- Primark
Shirt- H&M
Boots- Dr Martens
Hat- Portobello Market
Shirt- F21
Leggings- F21
Denim shirt- Vintahe
Shoes- Mr.
Crop Top- Vintage
Dungarees- Primark
Jellys- River Island
Shirt- Boutique in SF (cannot remember the name-sowry)
Maxi- skirt-Primark
Long shirt- Buddhist Punk
Cap- The Hundreds
Crop top- New Look
Pants- mum got them for me on her holiday to Ghana :D
Shoes- ASOS
Seriously, THANK GOD for Instagram! Often I have no time to dedicate to take pictures for my blog, during this exam period, so, to suffice, I do 'outfit of the day' posts on ig. Best way forward! Haha! Some pictures I have turned into posts, but most not. May do another one during this exam period. 
Exams are fast approaching- good luck all.


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Car booty!!

I cleared out the place haha.

Gangnam style! Haha.

Dungarees- Primark
 Crop Top- Vintage
Jellys- River Island
 Bag- ASOS
Last Sunday after church, I met up with Issie, from Issie's-Vision, and went to a car boot sale in Kingston at Tiffin Boy's School. Though we only caught the end of it, I think that was a blessing in disguise- I didn’t want to spend too much! And I didn’t! Woo hoo! In under an hour I copped some really good deals (that I’m sure you’ll see here soon). In total I spent £7.50 and left with 7 things. Car boot sales are a must if you want the incredible deals.  I have to say it, I felt a little nostalgic, had not been to one (or done one) since I was a kid-the atmosphere was great!
It was a sunny day in Kingston, so I opted for my loose dungarees. I have not worn this bad boy in ages. It so nice to discover clothes that you’ve had for a while and wear them feeling all brand new. The crop top- I LOVE-got It at a vintage fair around 2 years back. Sun was out so wanted to show some skin haha. The jellys are from RI, another piece I’ve had for a good while. Guess my outfit was all about wearing the old, as if they were new! Haha. Fits in well with the car boot sale.


Saturday, 27 April 2013


Breaking out into dance haha.
Hat-Portobello Road
Denim Shirt- Vintage   Top-F21   Leggings-F21
 Sneaker Wedges- Mr
Bag- Sacramento State University, California.
Another day, another stint in the library. Just took a moment between lecture and library to take these few snaps. The top and leggings are new! :D From F21. Love them-so comfy. I have not seen these leggings anywhere, so knew I had to get them. I LOVE FOREVER 21! Once again, rocking my sneaker wedges with the ‘fit, comfy as heck! Opted for my massive purple heavy duty 'Sac State bag- great for all the book I have to chug around, and my fav colour! 

Anyways, back to revision now- these exams are creeping up. Good luck out there to everyone in the same boat.


Friday, 26 April 2013

I Heart London, Part IV: The View from The Shard ...

Hella windy! Haha

Simply stunning if you ask me.
Chilling sky high at the end of the day!
Ended the day at TGI Fridays with COCKTAILS and dinner.
My strawberry daiquiri was joined by a mai tai. Ultimate style. 

My friend and I ended our busy day of travelling through the city of London with a trip to the The Shard. This new epic building, which opened earlier this year, is the tallest building in Western Europe. Costing £25 to check out the view of London, from two viewing platforms- it's not cheap, but it sure is amazing. We timed our trip right, with booking our tickets for 7pm to catch the sunset. It went quick- it must have been tired haha. But nonetheless, we managed to get some awesome pictures, though at this point, as you can imagine, the wall was chock-a-block. It was nice to see the sun set (doesn't beat seeing in it Jamaica at Rick's Cafe though-now that's a sunset to see!) and then to witness it getting darker and London becoming a city of lights- with the switching on of building lights and lampposts. It was cool to spot buildings in all their glory and the interactive, free, telescopes made the time up there educational, which is a plus! Definitely check it out if you're a tourist, or you like touristy things and you're from Ldn. Especially if you're from London and haven't been on the Eye, which I'm guilty of!

I decided to dress somewhat elegantly simple for The Shard. Wearing my black maxi skirt from Forever 21, USA and my black sheer leotard with velvet patterns on it from Primark. I went with my neon earrings, which have been buried in my jewelry case for far too long, to give the outfit a pop of color. These pictures are okkkkkaaaayyy, but not great, sorry. It was hella windy on the 72nd floor and honestly, the focus was more on getting cool shots of The View from The Shard. 

Have you been to The Shard? It's awesome right?

This marks the end of the 'I Heart London' series. I may do more along these lines, what do you think of the idea? Hope you enjoyed the outfit pictures and learning more about London. 
Comment! I'll love to read what you think! :D

Much love!

And a big thanks goes to Troy for spending the day with me and taking some awesome pictures! Check out his blog


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I Heart London, Part III: Millennium Bridge ...

Further down the Southbank, towards the Globe Theatre (go and catch a show there if you are a lover of Shakespeare) is the Millennium Bridge. Nicknamed the wobbly bridge due to it swaying on its opening day in 2000, the bridge brings out the modern landscape of the city, whilst being next to historic landscapes such as St Paul's Cathedral. Also next to the bridge is the Tate Modern. I have been there many times and enjoyed myself. Go there and check out the many galleries of art from modern and contemporary artists, most are free.

As you can tell, it's pretty windy up there. Regardless, it was fun taking pictures on the bridge with people walking past going about their business. This sweater I got from a boutique in San Francisco, sorry I can't remember the name, but it was in Haight-Ashbury, a dope area for independent stores and unique exterior houses. Check it out if you're in SF! It's warm and I brought it solely for the panels of fur on it. I haven't seen anything like it and it was love at first sight haha. I paired it with my Primark disco pants- a bargain at £7!! Happy days! You may remember, I wore them on my birthday here. These heels I also brought in the States- from Urban Outfitters, for *drumroll* $20!! You should have seen me when I picked them up and saw the discounted price- once again, another time where I didn't think twice! I love the wood detail of the base and heels, gives them edge. 

Stay tuned for the final part of this series of I Heart London- it's going to be EPIC! :D

Thank you for checking out my blog, I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them.