Saturday, 6 April 2013

I Heart London, Part I: Trafalgar Square...

My mate (who is also an awesome photographer) and I decided to be tourist in the city we grew up in- London! London is full of life and energy, any time of day, and is a great backdrop for amazing pictures with its historic buildings, modern bridges and all. 
As I am a fashion blogger, to make a day of it- we turned it into a photography day! (Yay! I love them! Haha). Therefore, I have done this 'series' in four parts- showcasing four different areas of London. So tune in for all!! :D
As this blog is seen around the world, I hope I have achieved in my aim to show you awesome people, near and far, cool things about the city... and my outfits! 

Now, Trafalgar Square is a go-to place for all- locals and tourists- to catch a street show or climb a lion (and to be harassed by pigeons). It is full of history and amazing statues of great people, including Nelson's Column. Located right off Haymarket, its a nice spot to simply chill, as there are fountains to spray you cool, (of course you'll only want that to happen if its a hot day). The National Gallery can also be seen in my pictures. Check it out if you can. One of the many galleries in London presenting works of art dating back to the mid- 13th century. It's free and you'll love it!

Regarding my outfit, I went into uber-comfy mode with it. What, even the shoes?! Yes, even the shoes are uber-comfy. I wish I can wear heels all day. These types of heels are really comfy as they have a wide platform- I was trotting along that Square without a care haha. They are from Forever 21- online. I am yet to buy in store in the UK, I miss the American branch too much. The jeans I've had for a while, and as you can see, are super baggy. The way I like. You may remember the shirt from my birthday, I copped this beauty from Primark- I can't wait to wear it alone on a beach- with bikini bottoms of course! 
It was a nice day, little on the chilling side, but the sun kept rearing its little head now and then so that made me happy.

Have you been T Square? What you make if it?
Hope you like the pictures. Watch this space for the other parts in this series!


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