Monday, 25 March 2013

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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wild like the Weather!

Remember- hug a tree, they are your friends :D

As the title suggest, the weather was wild! Surprise, surprise! Well. Not really. This is England, and in terms of weather-anything goes. Just really sucks that we are nearly in April and this is what we are getting!! Rain, sleet and snow, and all that jazz that comes with them. I just want to be a on a beach already!! Who’s with me??

Today was the last day of the semester- oh my! The end in drawing so so so nigh! It is the time of year for me to buckle down and focus solely on revision and making sure I know my stuff for my upcoming exams. So apologies in advance for the lack of posts in the upcoming months. I hope you understand that that will be my main priority. I will however post for respite- my blog will now become my stress ball! Haha.

I kept it pretty simple with dress today. Just saw in on my rail and bunged it on! I haven’t worn this dress (from RI) in a while, its thin, so I wore a mini under it. I paired it with my khaki jacket and my go-to wine colored cardigan. I love this garment, I’ve had it for years. Brought in the Topshop sale for £20, from £40 (!!!!). It goes well with lots of different outfits. Finally, I went for my cheap and cheerful flats from Primark. Now, I’m not one to be getting shoes from Primark, especially because they inevitably have a short life expectancy, but with flats, its fine I reckon, I’m just not expecting to have them long!

As you can see, I went a little crazy this photo shoot, getting in the midst of the greens and getting my model on! It was fun!

Have an awesome week lovelies.



“…Faith is the substantiation of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”-Hebrews 11:1.

This wonderful scripture can mean many things to believers and non-believers. Faith is an essential weapon to possess, as it gives us belief and determination that you know that God will do what you what He said He will do for you, in His own time. It is most tested between the times of when you are in the period of not having what you asked for, to when you get it. Never lose sight and keep your faith strong.

This powerful scripture can also relate to studies-which are of the utmost importance for me right now (!). I have to have faith and believe that with hard work, focus and conviction I will get the grades I deserve (the things not seen). 

I hope you are able to relate to this message, and never lose sight of your faith, no matter what you go through, as during the ‘tough times’ is when you will need it most!!


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Law Ball 2013!

Friends looking lovely. 

Being very serious at the chocolate fountain. It's a serious thing.

All up in my face! Haha.

Lovely ladies, we are picture perfect!

Dinner is served.

I didn't get my desert! 

Entertainment of the night, a belly dancer.

With these fine handsome men! 

This was epic! Much more than an ice sculpture haha!

With my family law lecturer (!!!) Such a lovely woman!

Winning big! Actually I won much bigger later on! 

Classmate looking dapper! (He was my bitch in the casino-he said it himself haha!

Getting down with the trumpets!

With my home girl from college days Ula!

Fun in the photo booth.

At the end of it all! We needed to sit!!

All change!

Don't know what is going on here! But the picture shows off the dress well! Haha!

Last Thursday I attended my university’s law society’s ball. The theme was Bond, James Bond. The event was actually called Skyball. Get it? Skyfall- Skyball! Haha. Anyways. It was such a lovely night. I had a great time with fellow students, and lecturers, all dressed up to the nines
As you can tell from the pictures, fun was had! I decided to finally attend this year’s law ball, after being invited the previous years, as I am now a final year student, it seemed logical to go.

My dress is from ASOS!! Which I love- I’m shopping there ALL THE TIME! I have to admit- it’s a sickness! (A good one, if there is such a thing) I was looking at a few, but this beaut just stood out to me. It was the lace-at the bottom. So different, I loved it. Went for black, classic I guess. But, the placing of the lace gave this dress a unique edge- and I’m so glad no one else was wearing it! Haha.

Those rocks you see in my ears, aren’t they lovely?! Yes, they are heavy, but I’ve gotten used to that, I’ve had them for years. I purchased these earrings when I was in Dubai at an Indian gold jewellery store. It was love at first sight and the perfect gift to myself to return home with.

Followed by the shindig was the after party at a nearby club. Many did not change, but as we were passing my house to get there, I could not miss that opportunity! I opted for this awesome dress I brought online from Forever 21 (I tell you, I miss the U.S. F21!). The ombre-ness of it is awesome! This is my first time wearing it since purchase, and it is very comfortable, easy to dance it. Especially as I paired it with my ASOS flatforms!

Do you have any special events coming up? If so, enjoy!


Friday, 15 March 2013

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag!

I have had such a busy week, and it’s still not over! It’s been university and events galore! Wednesday was awesome! I became American again haha! I spent my day having lunch with a group of Americans here in the U.K. for spring break, and the evening with them line dancing!! That was an experience. Haha. I’ve posted photos of my ‘peppers’ inspired outfit and photos from the dance. It took place in a warehouse with was cool. It felt like we found an abandoned space and just went wild. We did a ‘harlem shake’ video! You should have seen my excitement! Since I've been seeing them- I’ve wanted to do one. We’re young, wild and free!! Seriously, I just met these wonderful, God-fearing people this week and feel like I have known them for a while. Thank God we met- and thank God for facebook haha!! Safe journey home dudes and much love!!

Regarding my outfit, I think I literally just threw it together. Have you got pants in your wardrobe that you couldn’t wear because you gained weight (because you spent a year in the States eating at every restaurant that caught your eye!!!!!!) and then lost weight and they fitted again??! Well these red pants are it for me! I was so happy when they went up- it proved that my hard work and determination in the gym is showing results! If you are not happy about something-change it!

Below are the pictures of the ‘hoe down’!! It was so much fun learning traditional South Carolina line dancing and just simply spending my night with Americans who are here to experience the British culture.  In turn, I got to experience the American culture all over again.

F.Y.I. This guy knows how to TWERK!! He taught me!! Haha.

My awesome American friends! I miss you guys!! Y'all are awesome! 

Thank you for checking out my blog, I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them.