Wednesday, 26 February 2014

NAACP Awards: My 10 best dressed.

Here is my countdown on who I think were the best dressed ladies at the recent NAACP Awards, held in California over the weekend.

I admire Regina King for being risque with fashion. I love how it is fitted on the hips and finishes with a fishtail. The cut out could have been better placed and better connected, as that part of the dress is not that flattering to be honest. But all in all, it's a beauty.


This dress is simple. Yes. But the split and fit make it slightly less simple. Elise Neal is rocking it very well. Her lippy is also a bonus- not very keen on the shoes though.


Tatyana Ali looks gorgeous in this number. The silvery paneling works wonderfully with the teal colour. I'm not 100% on the ballooning arms, but its make the dress different. So hey.


Kerry Washington is definitely on the list for maternity style icon. I beyond loved when she rocked a Prada crop top with a maxi balloon skirt to the recent SAG Awards. This two contrasting colours work well and she is simply so beautiful that its satin-ness doesn't look cheap!


Elise Neal again. I personally would love to wear this dress to an award ceremony (or, wherever) a different colour. That front detail is something else and I know in a different colour-say midnight blue-it would be popping. but regardless, Elise looks beautiful in this gown. 


It's like this dress was made for Naomie Harris! It is so stunning on her, the colour works perfectly for her and the cut is so daring and well done. I really like the clutch, her hair and makeup-everything compliments everything. Great job Naomie Harris's team!


The dress on the left (the pale pink one). I personally would prefer to wear it in a stronger colour but it is stunning nonetheless. The details and bottom of the dress make it very unique and it looks lovely on this lady.I even think that it would look good without arms-but I'll take it with.


Brandy looks amazing with this sharp hairstyle and this dress  is just flattering her figure to a T! The cut-outs are perfectly placed and you cannot go wrong with classic black. 


Lupita. Lupita. Lupita. I have seen you do no wrong. I don't think you can when it comes to dressing. You (and your stylist, if you have one) knows what works for you PERFECTLY. I love what you wear! The colours! Plain and simple. But in my list you come second, sorry. Because...


Wendy Raquel Robinson wins in this STUNNING dress! I love this dress- I love prints and I love black (not as much as prints but I do love a classic black look). The detailing is awesome and her simple hairstyle works great with it. 

Do you agree with me? How would you order them?

My aim is to do this for every award show I know about and check out online. As I always spend time looking at the fashion- why not blog about it? Haha!

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Monday, 24 February 2014

#LFW #Streetstyle

Here are a few pictures I took during the #lfw shenanigans! It was a whirlwind-I wasn't sure if I was going to take street style pictures, but I ended up taking not share! I thought I'll do a separate post for them too, as to avoid photo overload haha! Enjoy!

Laura from That's So Yesterday

Loved the hair colors! 

This jumper is EVERYTHING! Even better in person!

Annaliese from antm AND bntm!!

This woman was......interesting! Haha.

5 colours in her hair.
LFW workers wearing gorgeous designer capes. I'll be happy with that uniform!
I had such a great time, meeting people, taking pictures and just generally having a good laugh,. LFW- what an awesome experience. And the weather held up to, which made it a bonus!!

Until next time,

Sunday, 23 February 2014

#LFW Day 4 x Shopcade bus party

The fourth day of London Fashion Week was just as awesome as the second! Again, I went over to Somerset House and got papped haha. (I also took some pictures of others, check out my other post). My friend and I was also invited to Shopcade's bus party, which was located opposite Somerset House and it was uber cool!! On the bus I met Jade from the X Factor as well as Analise from America’s Next Top Model (she is uber cool and full of life- I got all the goss about her time on #antm-I was glued to that cycle!!) We had unlimited drinks and got our nails did! The nail technicians were so lovely and the nails look great! Thanks ladies. To top it all off, we received goodie bags full of drinks; Henry Holland nails and even dry shampoo! Thanks again Shopcade for a fun afternoon. Always a pleasure.

On the right, the lovely Lauren from

With Annaliese from bntm/antm.

After a hectic, fun afternoon, we were invited to The Writers’ Republic (TWR) lounge. TWR used the Drury Club (ahh finally I'm in haha) as a lounge area for bloggers. It was a very chilled atmosphere and me and my friend ended the night there-passing the time with chatting, taking lots of random pictures and FREE pizza- cheers guys. They are a new group specialising with interacting with bloggers and writers. I’m looking forward to what they have in store.

RANDOM pictures! Haha!

Fur Jacket- River Island.
Black jumper- Primark.
Necklace- ASOS.
Skirt-designed and made in Rwanda.
Boots-River Island.

I also made a video on my stayed tuned for that!
All in all, #LFW/#BPSFW was AWESOME!!

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

#LFW Day 2 x #BPSFW

This season, I went to experience the #lfw atmosphere on day 2 and day 4. It all went by so quick- I can't believe it's done already! On day 2 (Saturday) I thankfully had half an hour to spare before I had to dash over to London Bridge to catch the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend (bpsfw) show. It all happened so fast haha. I walked into Somerset House and basically, got papped from the get go! (I wasn't surprised, I had been pre-warned by blog veterans). It was great as I got to meet people, albeit briefly, and even got interviewed for Spice TV. So look out for that!
If I say so myself, I loved my outfit! My aim was to brighten up the day and I believe I did haha!
These men were 'peacockiing', or so I was told! They were looking fierce!
LOVED this dude's style...failed to get his name :/

With the lovely J.D. Watch out for him on a catwalk near you!
Outtake from the interview I did with Spice TV-we found out we go way back (high school back-small world haha)
See? We were able to take a decent one!
Now on to #bpsfw. It was the second annual event and I have to say that I am glad that it is around. Seriously, it is needed. Us curvy girls need to be represented and celebrated- and what better way to do it than to have our own fashion weekend! It's of course thanks to Remi Ray of trappedinaskinnyworld and Rianne Ward of evolvemagazine. They (and their team) put on a superb job of showcasing 16 current and up and coming plus size brands. These included ASOS Curve (which we all know and love); Remi Ray's designs-From London with Love; Syreeta Badu; as well as Evans, which was their sponsors. Now Evans- you have come HARD! With its new and exclusive 'CUT' label, I'm headed there ASAP! People check it out- Whitney from America's Next Top Model gave it LIFE on that catwalk!
Enjoy the pictures- I sure did enjoy the night! xx
(Sorry I did not get any pictures of the after party, we were partying too hard to get the cameras out! But...check out my instagram for more pictures and videos from the night!).

With Hayley Hasselhoff-she worked that runway!
With Whitney- winner of America's Next Top Model.
With Remi Ray-one of the founders of BPSFW.

What I wore:
Crop top; Skirt and Heels- ASOS.
Jacket- River Island.
Bag- Ted Baker.

Until next time,

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