Wednesday, 26 February 2014

NAACP Awards: My 10 best dressed.

Here is my countdown on who I think were the best dressed ladies at the recent NAACP Awards, held in California over the weekend.

I admire Regina King for being risque with fashion. I love how it is fitted on the hips and finishes with a fishtail. The cut out could have been better placed and better connected, as that part of the dress is not that flattering to be honest. But all in all, it's a beauty.


This dress is simple. Yes. But the split and fit make it slightly less simple. Elise Neal is rocking it very well. Her lippy is also a bonus- not very keen on the shoes though.


Tatyana Ali looks gorgeous in this number. The silvery paneling works wonderfully with the teal colour. I'm not 100% on the ballooning arms, but its make the dress different. So hey.


Kerry Washington is definitely on the list for maternity style icon. I beyond loved when she rocked a Prada crop top with a maxi balloon skirt to the recent SAG Awards. This two contrasting colours work well and she is simply so beautiful that its satin-ness doesn't look cheap!


Elise Neal again. I personally would love to wear this dress to an award ceremony (or, wherever) a different colour. That front detail is something else and I know in a different colour-say midnight blue-it would be popping. but regardless, Elise looks beautiful in this gown. 


It's like this dress was made for Naomie Harris! It is so stunning on her, the colour works perfectly for her and the cut is so daring and well done. I really like the clutch, her hair and makeup-everything compliments everything. Great job Naomie Harris's team!


The dress on the left (the pale pink one). I personally would prefer to wear it in a stronger colour but it is stunning nonetheless. The details and bottom of the dress make it very unique and it looks lovely on this lady.I even think that it would look good without arms-but I'll take it with.


Brandy looks amazing with this sharp hairstyle and this dress  is just flattering her figure to a T! The cut-outs are perfectly placed and you cannot go wrong with classic black. 


Lupita. Lupita. Lupita. I have seen you do no wrong. I don't think you can when it comes to dressing. You (and your stylist, if you have one) knows what works for you PERFECTLY. I love what you wear! The colours! Plain and simple. But in my list you come second, sorry. Because...


Wendy Raquel Robinson wins in this STUNNING dress! I love this dress- I love prints and I love black (not as much as prints but I do love a classic black look). The detailing is awesome and her simple hairstyle works great with it. 

Do you agree with me? How would you order them?

My aim is to do this for every award show I know about and check out online. As I always spend time looking at the fashion- why not blog about it? Haha!

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