Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Monochrome Effect.

So these pictures were taken at the stroke of midnight -well ok, around 10 past- on Christmas day. You see, my mamma's birthday is Christmas Eve and every year we go out to a resturant to celebrate, and usually (it is a surprise if we are not) we are the last to leave. *cue a loud 'Merry Christmas' celebration with the staff* haha. 

I went for the black and white look and a real high bun that had my head toppling over! I received so many compliments from my family and mum's friends-I got the sophisticated stylish look down to a T they said :D I must say the lipstick finished it off!
The clutch was a great steal that I found at at car boot sale in Kingston-it only cost me £1.50!! I need to use it more often! Haha!
My necklace was brought in a Chinese subway market, near the university I was studying at last year (can JUST get away with saying last year haha) in Shanghai. It was love at first sight as its intricate detail was admirable (I wore it before in this old post) and I knew it had to be mine- that was a steal too! As I managed to haggle it down to £4!

Shirt and Skirt- Pirmark (!)
Necklace worn as collar- from a Chinese subway
Clutch-Car Boot sale (£1.50)
We went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Hoxton called 'Anh Dao' and we had a great time. (That area is know as Pho mile- so there are lots of Vietnamese restaurant to choose from, my mum went to this one before and loved it). Ordering lots and lots of starters that made us full, but somehow we had space for the mains. I got the classic Pho- and it was delicious. And then the night ended with the staff playing an Vietnamese version of 'Happy Birthday' that was funny as it went on for a while- the manger even said to us don't blow out the candles yet, the song hasn't finished. All in all, a wonderful night was had by all, especially my mother. May God continue to bless her. 

With the beautiful birthday girl!
So I hope you lovelies had a wonderful Christmas- I spent it with family stuffing my face, watching television whilst being comfy in a Spiderman onsie!! :D

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! Let's make it a great one!

Until next time, stay blessed.


Monday, 30 December 2013

This London girl is back in town!!

I'm back! And it feels great! Haha! I've miss blogging, so it's great to be back on the fashion blogging scene! ... Enjoy!

I've been back in the U.K for a few weeks now (I was in Rwanda for 10 weeks), and I have been 'appreciating the chill', whilst going out now and then. 
These pictures were taken at the Hillsong Carols concert in Wembley Arena that took place last week. I went with my friend Maria-it was so nice seeing her after so long, and bless her for agreeing to take pictures for me. You see, I would post more, but sometimes I just don't have someone willing to take shots for me *cue sad music*, or I am simply alone, but come the new year, I will do my utmost to blog as often as I can for you guys! 
Bomber jacket- Monsoon.
Leotard- Primark.
Skirt- F21.
Shoes- Primark.
Rucsack- Primark.
Neckalce- F21.
Earrings- Craft store in Rwanda.
Lipstick-Mac, Ruby Woo (of course).
I brought these earrings in Rwanda and I love them- not because they are purple but because of the workmanship that went into making them- and they were a bargain!

Regarding the outfit, I kept it simple with #allblackeverything. But I didn't want it completely that way- I love my color. Especially purple. So I rocked my new bomber jacket from Monsoon. It was love at first sight. It was my welcome back gift from the mamma. Thanks! :D It is so comfy and warm -it's padded, which is definitely needed in this current weather. I love the pattern too- it's busy which I like, all the colors compliment each other and I love the finish it gives off. I decided to take my rucksack out for a ride too. I brought it for my travels and I love it-it's simply slick and stylish!

I had such a wonderful, blessed time at the concert. I always go to Hillsong Carols if I'm in the country, wouldn't miss it for the world! Such a great way to celebrate the birth of our Lord- I especially loved the   'Silent Night' take on Beyoncé's 'Crazy in Love'. Haha- got me dancing!

Until next time, stay blessed.


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

From Rwanda, With Love.

Apologies for the fact that I am just posting this now- I REALLY wanted to post this before I departed for Rwanda. I guess I just couldn't find the time-sorry. Nevertheless, I am finally posting it now! :D It's just a brief message to say that this life and style blog of mine will be on hiatus for a while- roughly 2 and a half months, because...I am in Rwanda!! I am currently on a missionary placement with a charity called Tearfund. I arrived  on Tuesday 1st October, and will be in Rwanda for 10 weeks.

I will be based in Kigali, the capital and I will be working on various projects to improve the lives of people living in Kigali. These projects include working with street children in catch up schools, women in self-help groups and in medical clinics. I am thoroughly looking forward to getting stuck in and emerging myself in the culture. The first few days are orientation and work will start towards the weekend/next week. You can keep up to date with my adventures by checking out my travel blog dedicated to my time in Kigali. Click HERE to always stay updated. (Link can also be found on the side)!!

So, until next time on this here blog (which will be some time in December!), have a good one!!
Stay blessed.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Dinner at Jamie's

Last week for my mate Anny's birthday we went for dinner at Jamie's Italian. As it was her birthday, she chose, obviously. Now, I'm not one for choosing an Italian restaurant to go and have dinner (especially over say an awesome Chinese or Thai joint) as I always saw it as seriously simple food that I can make at home for half the price or even more. Which I guess everything is when it comes down to it. Nevertheless, I am glad she choose Jamie's, as I was thoroughly pleased with what I randomly chose and knew that I would not be making that myself anytime soon!
I could definitely taste the freshness of the pasta and the delicious, oh so delicious crab with its accompanying ingredients. I got a large and wanted more! Was not feeling the portion size to be honest. But still loved it. Great vibe, great food equals good times. 

A sort of bird's eye view of our grub! We ordered (from bottom left clockwise) the crab spaghettini, prawn linguine, vongole tagliolini, Jimmy's farm Italian sausage, posh chips, funky chips and spring pea and mint ravioli. And yes, we all agree that they were as delicious as they look!   

A beautiful sight. My crab spaghettini. 
It felt like it was gone in 60 seconds! 

Everything was  so fresh and tasty! Great job chefs!
Now on to the desert. We all decided to get the same epic brownie- but with different ice cream flavors. After having it, I fully understood why they called it epic. Because it is. The warmness of the chocolate sauce combined with the moist brownie and fresh cold vanilla ice cream made it so good, this too was gone in 60 seconds. The popcorn was a added bonus, giving the desert some crunch.

Regarding the interior, I absolutely loved it. I felt like I was in a fully functioning kitchen and pantry all in one. It felt very homely indeed, and the booth we got made the night extra special. We went to the one located in Covent Garden (seems like we have a thing for Covent Garden haha) which is surrounded by beautiful street garnishing- I'm talking about the flowers. At night, it really lightened up the place! You should go and see it if you are able to get to Covent Garden.

Outfit wise, I just bunged on what was closest to me! I love this jumper dress, it's very comfy and warm, but cannot be worn alone- it's far to short. I paired it with my mini bodycon skirt just to keep the look cute and simple. 
Jumper dress-Misguided
Skirt- F21 in the States
Shoes (Flatforms)- ASOS

Blurry, but you get it!
With the birthday girl! Thanks for being in London on your birthday, another reason to go out and celebrate! :D

Stay blessed, blessed ones.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


The other day my family and I took a day trip to Nottingham. I have never been to that part of England so was looking forward to seeing it and how it differs from London. Which is massively btw- firstly, there was space to walk on the pavement! Furthermore, I have a friend who is a fellow law graduate that lives there, and thankfully we were able to meet up in the town centre, albeit for a brief time. We had fun while we could, taking pictures and catching up- we even got stopped by professional photographers wanting to take our pictures for like a good 20 mins. Haha! Really random, but fun! 

Me with my mate Issie (right) and her sister!! They both had work hence the office looks! Check out her blog

As it was a warmish day, I decided to bare my legs! Thank God we were in the car travelling during the times it rained. I love this skirt. Leopard pattern is awesome- so bold, doesn't need to be worn with any other patterns-sometimes haha. Pairing it with the mustard sweater made each piece pop, even more so with a little sun shining on me! The boots are really comfy. A nice little heel which boost my high, which is always a plus. I've always wanted boots like these- tan with aztec patterns. Who would have thought I'll find them in Primark?! Haha.

Found the necklace in my forest of jewelry last minute- and I'm glad I did. Love and miss the green gems. Have not worn this baby in a while!

Jumper-car boot
Necklace-F21 in the States
Boots- Primark
Watch- Michael Kors
With one of the photographers- check out her site and the cool dude not pictured! 

Until next time peeps!
1 week till I'm out of here and back to Africa!!


Friday, 20 September 2013

A chilled Sunday

Just the other week, I met up with my girls, Amirah and Christel for a lovely Sunday lunch and catch up. We hardly get to see each other as we get busy with lives and our jobs, but when we get together, it's great. Christel found this gem of a cafe online and I have to say job well done. It was cute and very chic- and just right for what we needed to do- to film our book club! Haha. Yes, book club. The three of us decided to read a book and discuss it. It was fun, informal and very relaxed, maybe too relaxed...the video will be ready soon...so watch this space! 
Here's just a few pictures of the home-vibe  interior of the restaurant and the lunch we had.

Outfit wise, I went monochrome. I love the skirt. I brought it from my summer trip to The Netherlands.  It is from the vintage shop Episodes. Black and white with crazy patterns- it's so busy, I love it! Did I say that already? I decided to pair it with a monochrome dress, worn as a top. I didn't realise how BIG it made my bust look! Haha, it's all good. FYI, vertical strips are good for making your bust bigger. Finally, on to the bag. The bag is vintage. It was my mum's in the late 90s. From the Harrods brand, it came with a detachable black lining, but I thought it didn't go much with the outfit, so I took it out. I really like the transparency effect, which I reckon works well with monochrome.
So stay tuned for our book review of...And The Mountains Echoed...it'll be a good watch!

Dress (worn as top)-Primark
Skirt- vintage from Episodes in Amsterdam
Belt-unknown (my dad's)
Shoes-New Look
Watch- Michael Kors

The cute cafe is called Maison d etre, located in Highbury and Islington :D
Thanks Butter for taking the snaps!

Stay awesome readers!

Thank you for checking out my blog, I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them.