Wednesday, 2 October 2013

From Rwanda, With Love.

Apologies for the fact that I am just posting this now- I REALLY wanted to post this before I departed for Rwanda. I guess I just couldn't find the time-sorry. Nevertheless, I am finally posting it now! :D It's just a brief message to say that this life and style blog of mine will be on hiatus for a while- roughly 2 and a half months, because...I am in Rwanda!! I am currently on a missionary placement with a charity called Tearfund. I arrived  on Tuesday 1st October, and will be in Rwanda for 10 weeks.

I will be based in Kigali, the capital and I will be working on various projects to improve the lives of people living in Kigali. These projects include working with street children in catch up schools, women in self-help groups and in medical clinics. I am thoroughly looking forward to getting stuck in and emerging myself in the culture. The first few days are orientation and work will start towards the weekend/next week. You can keep up to date with my adventures by checking out my travel blog dedicated to my time in Kigali. Click HERE to always stay updated. (Link can also be found on the side)!!

So, until next time on this here blog (which will be some time in December!), have a good one!!
Stay blessed.

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