Friday, 19 July 2013

Primrose Hill

As a continuation from my last post, part of the day was spent in Primrose Hill. Have you been there? It's pretty cool. Go to the top and you will get an epic view of London and all its beauty! We decided to have a picnic and take a break from trailing Camden. 
Outfit wise, I opted for something very light and breezy. We are having such lovely weather, I have to abuse it while it lasts!! The beanie was a semi-mistake to take out, as it was so hot, majority of the time I was just carrying it! Nonetheless, it brought a pop of colour to the outfit- and you know me! I love my colour!

Pairing the faux-leather gilet with the dress gave the outfit some edge, making it not so innocent and sweet!! Today was the first time I wore this lovely dress from ASOS, after having it for sooooo long. It's such a summer stunner, with its standout crochet detail!! Thinking beach bar! The shoes are from Office. They are really good and great if you love getting height from you footwear at any opportunity like me! They replicate the jelly sandals, which have made a major comeback! Do you remember owning a pair? I do!!  


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Camden Coffee House

Last week Thursday I met up with my mates Chrissie (Butter) and Amirah (Valu) for lunch and a good ol' catch up. It was actually a day to celebrate too- as my exams results came in on Wednesday- and I'm pleased to say I GOT A FIRST in my law undergraduate degree! Woo hoo! My hard work paid off and I couldn't be any happier. 
We started the day at Camden Coffee House. Located just opposite Sainsbury's is where you'll find this cute, chic and boutique coffee house. The sun was blazing so how could we not sit in their hidden garden. It felt very secluded- hence why it is a hidden one I guess. Butter ordered strawberry tea which tasted divine, I opted for a banana and strawberry smoothie, with a piece of banana bread. Now, I am a sucker for banana bread- I reckon I can live off that alone for a week! Though I doubt that's wise. I can say without hesitation that that banana bread was simply the best! Seriously, if you are a lover of banana bread like myself, you MUST try it at Camden Coffee House.

Everyone meet the beauitful Butter. Well, Chrissie. Check out her awesome blog on all things natural!

Have you noticed that baby picture?? Top left hand corner! So CUTE! Haha

 The service was very warm and friendly, the guy actually pulled a few jokes with us. Their menu is superb and I'm sure you'll find what you want for lunch there! I do not drink coffee, but I'm sure they do have the best coffee in Camden, like they claim. I say the prices are reasonable, but hey! They could always be cheaper! Haha! It's a great place to chill alone, or with mates, or with a book and abuse their free wifi!

Camden Coffee House
30 Camden Road
Camden Town


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Netherlands- Day Four

Dress- TK Max (!!)
Shoes- New Look
On the last day in The Netherlands, we had no set itinerary so decided to explore the town and see what it had to offer. I managed to pack into the last day a visit to the Anne Frank museum, the torture museum and vintage clothes shopping! Happy days! I opted for this beautiful dress as it was forecast to be a lovely day, but it ended up being seriously windy and rained a little too. Annoying. But anyways, I had a nice time seeing the sights and enhancing my knowledge on international criminal law justice systems. And I love travelling, so this was another one to put down in the books!!

I saw this lady on the bus with this awesome bag. I immediately complimented her on it and asked where she got it from- South Africa! Ahh! I can't wait to get myself there! Hopefully I get such a cool find!! HAD to take a pictures with it-it's so creative!! 

It goes with my outfit!

I LOVE this dress my mother got for me a while ago. It can be worn anywhere- a GREAT holiday piece!

Love shopping!! Will blog about my find soon! :D
Listen to the poster and SMILE! Haha!
So this post marks the end of my adventures in The Netherlands! It was a a great, educational, fun trip.
Have you been to The Netherlands? What did you think of it?


Monday, 8 July 2013

The Netherlands- Day Three

Hi-Low dress: F21
Body Chain-Boutique in L.A.
The third day of our trip to The Netherlands was spent at the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCLC), where Charles Taylor was recently convicted. We received a talk about its history, achievements and its future plans, which is to down soon. If you are interested, check out the work of the SCLC and what the communities of effected by the actions of those on trail, think about what it has achieved. After the session, we went for lunch and a wonder around Den Haag, until it was time to get the train back to Amsterdam!
Outfit-wise, I went for all black everything. It was a lovely, hot day, so may not have been the best choice but it was all good. The picture above was taken at a train station- one we wasn't meant to be at! We got lost and very much delayed!!

Back in Amsterdam, and as it was our last night there we all went to dinner together. It was a lovely night, full of laughter and such. After, we headed into Central Amsterdam to experience its nightlife for one more time...
Patiently waiting for food! Wine was flowing though!
Can you see me leaning on the 'A'? :D
The night's attire.
Whole outfit- Primark
Shoes- New Look
Excuse the fact outfit pictures were taken in
 front of a 'condomerie' shop haha- it was a quick one tonight!

Final day in The Netherlands next!! Have a great day peeps!! :D


Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Netherlands- Day Two, Part Two.

I didn't want to make the last post too lengthy, so decided to make a second post for the second day evening's escapades!
Less than a 5 minute walk from our hostel was the beach! Awesome! But, none of us came equip for a swim, plus it was too nippy for such activities, so hey ho!. So the evening was spent at a beach side open restaurant, taking in the views, sunset and having a good old natter with everyone. Oh! And some frolicking on the beach- I mean, how could we not!!

Where we hung out.

Shirt and Skirt- Primark
Shoes- New Look
Sunglasses- Ray.bans
Brassy gold color- Boutique in L.A.

They gave us blankets when it was getting really nippy! How thoughtful!
I must have been thinking I'm on a modelling shoot! Haha!
Excuse the paleness of the legs- its the sand! :D
I LOVE the beach! Do you? :D
Hope you liked the pictures! :D More to come from Holland!! Have you been Den Haag?! What did you think of it?


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