Monday, 8 July 2013

The Netherlands- Day Three

Hi-Low dress: F21
Body Chain-Boutique in L.A.
The third day of our trip to The Netherlands was spent at the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCLC), where Charles Taylor was recently convicted. We received a talk about its history, achievements and its future plans, which is to down soon. If you are interested, check out the work of the SCLC and what the communities of effected by the actions of those on trail, think about what it has achieved. After the session, we went for lunch and a wonder around Den Haag, until it was time to get the train back to Amsterdam!
Outfit-wise, I went for all black everything. It was a lovely, hot day, so may not have been the best choice but it was all good. The picture above was taken at a train station- one we wasn't meant to be at! We got lost and very much delayed!!

Back in Amsterdam, and as it was our last night there we all went to dinner together. It was a lovely night, full of laughter and such. After, we headed into Central Amsterdam to experience its nightlife for one more time...
Patiently waiting for food! Wine was flowing though!
Can you see me leaning on the 'A'? :D
The night's attire.
Whole outfit- Primark
Shoes- New Look
Excuse the fact outfit pictures were taken in
 front of a 'condomerie' shop haha- it was a quick one tonight!

Final day in The Netherlands next!! Have a great day peeps!! :D



  1. cuz looks like you having fun ,,,looking fab has alawys you have to live and have fun its fab that you do that

    1. Thanks cuz!! :D yea it was a nice holiday. This night was fun! Hope all is blessed in Florida! See ya soon! xx


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