Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Netherlands-Day One.

I AM BACK! Yes! I am back! Haha. Apologies for ignoring you lovely people and shame on me for not blogging more. I can't believe I didn't blog for the whole month of June! (tut tut Shannie!)... I am forgiven?

Well, since my last post, life has been pretty chill- thank God. I have finished my exams (can we say academic weight lost! :D), moved out of my university accommodation and got back to work. I now have time to chill- a mate of mine said that I should 'appreciate the chill', which I guess I am doing before I know things get hectic again. It is lovely to be surrounded by my family again, no matter how much my little sis annoys me. Oh, and I went to The Netherlands, that's what this post is really about- so lets get to it! Haha.

I love flying! Could be on a plane forever!
Seven fellow (and now former) undergraduate law students and myself, along with two of our law lectures spent a few days in The Netherlands to attend court proceedings and have audiences with some very senior, highly respectable people in the international criminal law field. That was the educational part of the trip, the other part was to experience Dutch life and its attractions in the short time we had there. Three of us decided to fly there (JUST slightly more than the return coach ticket!) and we arrived a day early. The first day was nice and very chilled. We met other travelers and had fun with them in the city of Amsterdam!

Arrival outfit!
Disco pants, Crop Top, Jacket, Bag- all Primark
Flatforms-New Look
I went for a comfy look to travel in (obviously-why wouldn't you?!) and also a look I can continue to wear when I reached my destination- though I changed my top once we reached our hostel, as it was seriously windy.

his artwork was seriously dope!

really admired the intricate detail of this ring- shame about the extortionate price!

Dinnertime!! Majority of workers were Assuie!

Stripe shirt- boutique in NYC.
Go big or go home!
S IS FOR SHANTÉ! Night fun on the 'I AMSTERDAM' sign.

I wanted some Magnum! Shame it was closed, I would have brought the shop!
Dress- Primark.
 That's day one done! It was fun! Nice introduction into Amsterdam life. We had an early start though- we had to catch the train to The Hague (Den Haag) to meet the others and go to the ICTY! That's for the next post! Stay tuned! 



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    1. Thank you! Shame on me for just replying! Totally forgot :/ LOVE your blog xx


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