Friday, 31 January 2014

School girl chic.

I feel like I'm giving off the school girl look here- just with a bit more edge. Basically, if I could have designed my school uniform, using the given: shirt; jumper; and skirt, it would look similar to this. I copped this skirt from a vintage fair I went to last year and if I remember correctly, it was only a fiver! I fell for the pleats and the colour (of course), and it is so comfy and floaty, great for warm/summer weather (shame we won't be getting any here any time soon). It's longer too, but I rolled it up a bit- wanted to give the shoes a show.
As I mentioned in my Primark haul, I am getting more and more impressed with what Primark is offering us. I got this sweater from there. It was a tenner and I didn't think twice. I love the print on it- like it has a story to tell.
Now onto my bag. My new baby! I got this side bag from the Ted Baker Sweet Shoppe that was up after Christmas in Westfield (I don't know if it is still there).There were so many colours to choose from, I am glad I eventually decide on this nude/bronze one. It's beautiful and I love how the metallic straps and detailing perk up an outfit! 

Bag- Ted Baker
Shoes- Primark
Watch- Michael Kors

Until next time,


Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I am in LOVE with this skirt that I designed and got made whilst out in Rwanda. I got soooo many clothes made, my blog may just become all about those awesome things! Haha. I got the inspiration for the skirt from the ASOS magazine that I took out there with me (It’s always a great read for inspiration). Hailee Steinfeld, the beautiful cover star, was wearing a similar open, double layer skirt (well, I don’t really know what to call this design) and I knew that it would be so cute in this Coca-Cola Africa print (yup! This skirt is a genuine Rwandan print!). I was so happy with the results; summer needs to come so I can rock it like this-wearing tights won’t do it justice! I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m pretty freezing in these pictures- all in the name of fashion ey!

I did not want to steal the light away from the skirt so the only choice was to pair it with black. I love these latest heels I got from Primark. They are actually really comfortable (though it is advisable that when you are purchasing open toe shoes, you should get a size smaller) and upgrade the outfit. Wearing red lippy helps the colours of the skirt pop, especially as it is featured in the skirt. Once again, I added my cheap and cheerful car boot find clutch-man, £1.50 can go a long way! Haha!

Crop top- New Look.
Skirt- Designed and made in Rwanda.
Shoes- Primark.
Clutch- Car boot sale.
Watch- Michael Kors.
Lipstick- M.A.C. Ruby Woo.

Until next time,


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Primark haul.

We all love Primark (well to a certain extent haha). And having found a new stored ithat I have yet to raid, I, well, raided it (it was enevitable). After visiting my friend's church on Tottenham Court Road, I noticed a new Primark store-well I think it's relatively new, well I certainly hadn't seen it before. I spent the best part of a hour in the store-and I want to share my (awesome, if I say so myself) findings with you all.

Monochrome shift dress- £5.
I know 'they' say that this dress style is not for my 'body shape', having curves and all, but I don't care. I saw it, wanted it, so got it. Simple. Paired with heels and great accessories, I know it'll be a great look. I love the block simplicity of it and it's shapeless-ness.  I've got the duty of adding a pop of colour to the 'fit now! Haha!

Purple cut out dress- £3.
Purple is my favourite colour and this dress quickly caught my eye. It was on sale from £10 to £3. I think I still would have brought it for a tenner to be honest. I love the stomach cut out and how the straps positioned. It looks really good on if I say so myself haha. I just need a night out to wear it for...any offers?

Parental Advisory Explict Content sweater- £12.
I first picked up the crop top version of this print - but then I saw the sweater and my mind got all creative. I just love the bold black print on the white backdrop, with its mesh panelling details...but I could make it better and more, well, me. Look out for an upcoming post on how I've modified it.

Pleather black crop top-£2.
I like how it has been laser cut. And it's black again so gives off some sophistication. It's cute and simple and can be styled many ways. I'm thinking with some smart flared pants and heels of course! I brought it a couple of sizes bigger to give me a somewhat baggy look.

Platform heels- £14
I don't usually buy shoes from Primark, but like everything else, these caught my eye. I needed them. I do have a couple of pairs of flatforms already but I really liked the design and height of the heel that I could not say no to them (someone helo me please, I think this is what is called an addiction). I've worn them out and about a few times now, so slowly but surely I'm trusting your heels Primark.

Ring- £3/ Style your own necklace- £2.50
I'm always wanting new jewellery. Ain't we all?! I sae this ring and thought it was cute and the stone (whatever it is) wwaste just as big as I would like. I like big rings so knew it would suit me just fine.
When I saw this DIY necklace, I thought how awesome. You can't find my name on anything so this will allow me to make a silver name chain (I've already got a gold one), and not just that, I can make any word i like! Cool!

Skort- £10.
For some tiavailablee wanted a skort. There have been many a times that they have been in my 'shopping basket' (online), I guess I just didn't get round to purchasing them. But I have now! Yay! They are so cute! They can sophisticate any outfit. The ways I am thinking of styling it are endless!

Multi-colour print shirt- £6
I brought it in the largest size available, but I wanted it bigger. Oh well.  It has a silk feel to it and the colours work together with the black sleeves. Just wish the pattern was on the back too (I should be so lucky haha). Unfortunately, I cannot wear it as a dress-far too short, but it'll look good with some black shorts/skirt. We'll see.

Purple crop top-£1.
This was only a quid! That is all

So that's all for now.
Let me know if you have copped any of these pieces!
Well done Primark haha!

Until next time,


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

African print.

If you have been following my blog (if not, please do and let me know about your blog!), you'll know that late last year I went to Rwanda to do to some volunteer missionary work with the people that need US the most. I had the best time ever, meeting beautifully blessed people and strengthening my faith. I also got the chance to get loads of garments made personally for me. The dress maker, Josephine, was so lovely and patient. Bless her, we all were so  eager with getting as much things as possible. Haha. Check out my blog documenting  my time there-the link is on the right. :D
And this suit is something I got made. With all the items I got made, I chose the material. I LOVE the African prints I saw out there. I knew that I wanted to get a matching blazer and pant suit and as soon as I saw this material, I knew it had to be for it. The colours and print are popping!I found so many beautiful prints out there, too many to choose from haha. I doubt anyone else in the world has this suit, if you find that said person, bring them to my attention haha!
I so happy with how it turned out, she did a great job!!

Blazer and pants- made in Rwanda.
Sheer top-Topshop.
Watch-Michael Kors.
Clutch- Car boot sale.

If you go to Africa, make sure you do not leave without getting at least one outfit made!

Until next time,


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mosaic top.

I recently went out for lunch with a friend to Wagamama. I know the whole world and her son has been there, but nevertheless, it's always a great (when you're stuck for other options) place to go. We went to the Holborn branch, which I have never been too. It had the air of a high school cafeteria- just a lot less busier (people must have been at work).
The post is really just for this AWESOME top (so ignore the rest of the outfit) I copped whilst in Rwanda from a street vendor- those Rwandans love vintage shopping too!! As soon as I saw it, I knew I couldn't leave without it in my bag. I love the colours and the mosaic print- it is very me. (Was so glad that it fitted too-you never know with street vendors!) The lady was selling it for 3000Rwf (£3), but after just purchasing a Kaftan that is worthy of going for at least £30 in Monsoon, for £1.50, I knew I had to haggle on it- what! I can't help it! Haha! This woman was determined- she knew it was an eye-catcher and of good quality- so I only got 50p knocked off and brought this masterpiece for 2,500Rwf (£2.50)-which is ah-maze-ing!! I'm in love with a top. That is all. 

Top (vintage)- Rwandan street vendor- £2.50!!
Jeans-High waist skinny, Gap.
Earrings- H&M.

Hope you all had a blessed Sunday. I sure did, I went to Hillsong Church and it was wonderful!
Until next time,


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Midnight black.

Saturday gone was my first time out in a really (really, really) long time. I'm talking first time out in months. It's not a big deal really- to be honest, I'll take going to the pictures instead. Haha! Anyways, it was for a mate's birthday do. It was a lot of fun as it was also a reunion with some girls I studied in China with. Now, I actually wasn't able to take outfit photos for ze blog on the actual night (having too much fun I guess), so I decided to recreate the outfit I wore to share with you all. You're welcome. Haha! I'm playing. I went for all black everything. I've been wearing a lot of black recently. Don't take it wrong, I do love my colour, but wearing black I feel can be just as fun, plus it's sexy and automatically stylish.

I LOVE this crop top and jogger pants. Both from the River Island boxing day sales. (Hallelujah- I found them in the trenches haha) The top is so sexy (and VERY me, if I say so myself and the pants are soooo comfy- not gym comfy though haha! I've had these ASOS heeled boots for years- unfortunately, hardly wear them. It was the heel that got me. It's gradient and finishes clear-LOVE them! Okay, I'll admit, I didn't wear my wide brimmed fedora and clutch to the party. But hey, they tops of the outfit, don't you think? I'm really happy with how these shots turned out, the backdrop looks amazing, really compliments my #allblackeverything 'fit. FYI, its the London eye!

Wide brim fedora hat- H&M.
Crop top-River Island.
Jogger pants- River Island.
Heel boots- ASOS.
Clutch- Car boot sale-£1.50.
Watch- Micheal Kors.

Until next time, 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!!!!

Hey guys, hope you all had enjoyable new year celebrations, and that 2014 is a grand year for you!!

Stay blessed,


Thank you for checking out my blog, I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them.