Saturday, 25 January 2014

Primark haul.

We all love Primark (well to a certain extent haha). And having found a new stored ithat I have yet to raid, I, well, raided it (it was enevitable). After visiting my friend's church on Tottenham Court Road, I noticed a new Primark store-well I think it's relatively new, well I certainly hadn't seen it before. I spent the best part of a hour in the store-and I want to share my (awesome, if I say so myself) findings with you all.

Monochrome shift dress- £5.
I know 'they' say that this dress style is not for my 'body shape', having curves and all, but I don't care. I saw it, wanted it, so got it. Simple. Paired with heels and great accessories, I know it'll be a great look. I love the block simplicity of it and it's shapeless-ness.  I've got the duty of adding a pop of colour to the 'fit now! Haha!

Purple cut out dress- £3.
Purple is my favourite colour and this dress quickly caught my eye. It was on sale from £10 to £3. I think I still would have brought it for a tenner to be honest. I love the stomach cut out and how the straps positioned. It looks really good on if I say so myself haha. I just need a night out to wear it for...any offers?

Parental Advisory Explict Content sweater- £12.
I first picked up the crop top version of this print - but then I saw the sweater and my mind got all creative. I just love the bold black print on the white backdrop, with its mesh panelling details...but I could make it better and more, well, me. Look out for an upcoming post on how I've modified it.

Pleather black crop top-£2.
I like how it has been laser cut. And it's black again so gives off some sophistication. It's cute and simple and can be styled many ways. I'm thinking with some smart flared pants and heels of course! I brought it a couple of sizes bigger to give me a somewhat baggy look.

Platform heels- £14
I don't usually buy shoes from Primark, but like everything else, these caught my eye. I needed them. I do have a couple of pairs of flatforms already but I really liked the design and height of the heel that I could not say no to them (someone helo me please, I think this is what is called an addiction). I've worn them out and about a few times now, so slowly but surely I'm trusting your heels Primark.

Ring- £3/ Style your own necklace- £2.50
I'm always wanting new jewellery. Ain't we all?! I sae this ring and thought it was cute and the stone (whatever it is) wwaste just as big as I would like. I like big rings so knew it would suit me just fine.
When I saw this DIY necklace, I thought how awesome. You can't find my name on anything so this will allow me to make a silver name chain (I've already got a gold one), and not just that, I can make any word i like! Cool!

Skort- £10.
For some tiavailablee wanted a skort. There have been many a times that they have been in my 'shopping basket' (online), I guess I just didn't get round to purchasing them. But I have now! Yay! They are so cute! They can sophisticate any outfit. The ways I am thinking of styling it are endless!

Multi-colour print shirt- £6
I brought it in the largest size available, but I wanted it bigger. Oh well.  It has a silk feel to it and the colours work together with the black sleeves. Just wish the pattern was on the back too (I should be so lucky haha). Unfortunately, I cannot wear it as a dress-far too short, but it'll look good with some black shorts/skirt. We'll see.

Purple crop top-£1.
This was only a quid! That is all

So that's all for now.
Let me know if you have copped any of these pieces!
Well done Primark haha!

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