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I started 'SHANTÉ SAYS STYLE' (originally titled 'Shanté') in February 2013. As a lover and observer of fashion, style and writing, I knew owning my own blog was inevitable. Furthermore, the day I started my blog was a definitive days as:
  • Naomie Harris's stylist stopped me in Kingston town and complimented my outfit, saying 'You must be a fashion student'. To which I replied, with a laugh , 'No, I study law'; 
  • A friend, and fellow law student, asked to take pictures of my outfit and INSISTED that I should start a blog because she loves my style; and
  • It was a week exactly till my 22nd birthday. (The third reason is just as valid!)
See, how could I not start blogging from then?

I am a law graduate with a first class degree and I am currently at law school forging out my career in the legal profession! Pray for me people!
I have plethora of interests. Name it. I possibly will find it, or some elements of it, interesting- law (obviously), fashion and personal style (duh!), Jesus, acting, learning and speaking Mandarin, designing, travelling, reading and writing and humanitarian work... to name but a few.

I love blogging and what it brings. It's my getaway from the law! Ha! (You can never escape it!) It has been a great journey thus far and I look forward to what lies ahead.
This blog welcomes you to life according to me- to showcase what I wear, and whatever may ignite my interest. This is my little place on the world wide web for me to put all my ramblings ... it is my memorandum of memories!!

Shanté x

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