Monday, 30 December 2013

This London girl is back in town!!

I'm back! And it feels great! Haha! I've miss blogging, so it's great to be back on the fashion blogging scene! ... Enjoy!

I've been back in the U.K for a few weeks now (I was in Rwanda for 10 weeks), and I have been 'appreciating the chill', whilst going out now and then. 
These pictures were taken at the Hillsong Carols concert in Wembley Arena that took place last week. I went with my friend Maria-it was so nice seeing her after so long, and bless her for agreeing to take pictures for me. You see, I would post more, but sometimes I just don't have someone willing to take shots for me *cue sad music*, or I am simply alone, but come the new year, I will do my utmost to blog as often as I can for you guys! 
Bomber jacket- Monsoon.
Leotard- Primark.
Skirt- F21.
Shoes- Primark.
Rucsack- Primark.
Neckalce- F21.
Earrings- Craft store in Rwanda.
Lipstick-Mac, Ruby Woo (of course).
I brought these earrings in Rwanda and I love them- not because they are purple but because of the workmanship that went into making them- and they were a bargain!

Regarding the outfit, I kept it simple with #allblackeverything. But I didn't want it completely that way- I love my color. Especially purple. So I rocked my new bomber jacket from Monsoon. It was love at first sight. It was my welcome back gift from the mamma. Thanks! :D It is so comfy and warm -it's padded, which is definitely needed in this current weather. I love the pattern too- it's busy which I like, all the colors compliment each other and I love the finish it gives off. I decided to take my rucksack out for a ride too. I brought it for my travels and I love it-it's simply slick and stylish!

I had such a wonderful, blessed time at the concert. I always go to Hillsong Carols if I'm in the country, wouldn't miss it for the world! Such a great way to celebrate the birth of our Lord- I especially loved the   'Silent Night' take on Beyoncé's 'Crazy in Love'. Haha- got me dancing!

Until next time, stay blessed.



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