Friday, 20 September 2013

A chilled Sunday

Just the other week, I met up with my girls, Amirah and Christel for a lovely Sunday lunch and catch up. We hardly get to see each other as we get busy with lives and our jobs, but when we get together, it's great. Christel found this gem of a cafe online and I have to say job well done. It was cute and very chic- and just right for what we needed to do- to film our book club! Haha. Yes, book club. The three of us decided to read a book and discuss it. It was fun, informal and very relaxed, maybe too relaxed...the video will be ready watch this space! 
Here's just a few pictures of the home-vibe  interior of the restaurant and the lunch we had.

Outfit wise, I went monochrome. I love the skirt. I brought it from my summer trip to The Netherlands.  It is from the vintage shop Episodes. Black and white with crazy patterns- it's so busy, I love it! Did I say that already? I decided to pair it with a monochrome dress, worn as a top. I didn't realise how BIG it made my bust look! Haha, it's all good. FYI, vertical strips are good for making your bust bigger. Finally, on to the bag. The bag is vintage. It was my mum's in the late 90s. From the Harrods brand, it came with a detachable black lining, but I thought it didn't go much with the outfit, so I took it out. I really like the transparency effect, which I reckon works well with monochrome.
So stay tuned for our book review of...And The Mountains'll be a good watch!

Dress (worn as top)-Primark
Skirt- vintage from Episodes in Amsterdam
Belt-unknown (my dad's)
Shoes-New Look
Watch- Michael Kors

The cute cafe is called Maison d etre, located in Highbury and Islington :D
Thanks Butter for taking the snaps!

Stay awesome readers!



  1. i love that skirt so much. and you are looking fit my

    Issie xox

    1. Thank you doll! It is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe xx

  2. cute outfit. following xx

    check out my blog

    1. Thank you doll!!

      Your blog is cute and welcome to the blogging world!

      Following you also xx

      Keep in touch xx


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