Sunday, 22 September 2013


The other day my family and I took a day trip to Nottingham. I have never been to that part of England so was looking forward to seeing it and how it differs from London. Which is massively btw- firstly, there was space to walk on the pavement! Furthermore, I have a friend who is a fellow law graduate that lives there, and thankfully we were able to meet up in the town centre, albeit for a brief time. We had fun while we could, taking pictures and catching up- we even got stopped by professional photographers wanting to take our pictures for like a good 20 mins. Haha! Really random, but fun! 

Me with my mate Issie (right) and her sister!! They both had work hence the office looks! Check out her blog

As it was a warmish day, I decided to bare my legs! Thank God we were in the car travelling during the times it rained. I love this skirt. Leopard pattern is awesome- so bold, doesn't need to be worn with any other patterns-sometimes haha. Pairing it with the mustard sweater made each piece pop, even more so with a little sun shining on me! The boots are really comfy. A nice little heel which boost my high, which is always a plus. I've always wanted boots like these- tan with aztec patterns. Who would have thought I'll find them in Primark?! Haha.

Found the necklace in my forest of jewelry last minute- and I'm glad I did. Love and miss the green gems. Have not worn this baby in a while!

Jumper-car boot
Necklace-F21 in the States
Boots- Primark
Watch- Michael Kors
With one of the photographers- check out her site and the cool dude not pictured! 

Until next time peeps!
1 week till I'm out of here and back to Africa!!


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