Friday, 13 September 2013

Uh, All American!

*Side note- the title of this post is from the song called 'No Interruptions' from Hoodie Allen- check out his rapping skillz! So hear that bit and imagine me saying the title like that haha!! Anyways...

I got my hair did! Decided to go for red (well a red, winey color) for fall! I love changing my hair as I get quite bored with styles and I am confident enough to do trail and error styles with my hair- obviously with the aim of trail and success haha. (Well, its just about getting used to it for a period of time anyways- you get me?). Anyways...Tell me what you think! :D Would love to hear your views on it-the style/color!!

High-waisted shorts-Matalan
Belt-New Look

Saturday gone I met up with some mates of mine that I studied in California with. One of them is actually here on holiday from her homeland Taiwan and I went to surprise her at her (very lavish) hostel- and it went off without a glitch- yay! If only you could have seen her face- priceless! I'm proud that we managed to pull it off. 
In anticipation of her arrival, I booked us three a table at Joe's Southern Kitchen and Bar in Covent Garden (more details in next post!) and these shots were taken on our walk there! I spotted this big red installation on the Southbank from the bridge above and was eager to take the pictures next to it!

"The Shed" by  Haworth Tompkins.

I decided to sport red, white and blue for the occasion- it was the first time us three had been reunited since chilling on campus in Cali! (Ahhh I hear you say haha!). The top is from Primark and I love it! Printed tees are really comfy cool and I liked the image on this one, quite retro and distressed looking I think. I'm looking forward to paring it with dungarees! I've had these high waisted shorts for forever now- seriously, cannot remember when I got them, but I'm glad they have lasted me soooo long. Hardly wear them, but when I do, they perk up an outfit. Finally, I decided to wear my go to flatforms with the silver glittery base for a touch of spark! The cardigan was just for when it got nippy! Which, happily, wasn't till late evening :D

Thanks Troy for taking the photos! Shot taken by Anny!
By this point he had had enough of me (as always!)! I get quite bossy and all directorial when taking pictures...opps!
With awesome Anny. (My hand looks like a claw!)
 Our failed attempt at a jump shot. Trust me, we are usually much better!
 THANKS for stopping by! Until next time.



  1. great outfit:)
    please visit me in free time:)

    1. Thank you love!

      I love your blog- you have great style and a cute hair cute! Suits you a lot!! Must visit Poland- I'm liking the fashion!

      Following you- follow back! :D Thanks



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