Monday, 2 September 2013

Take back the night!

I do not want this to become a habit- but, again, sorry for the serious lack of updates. I guess you can say I have been chilling a lot this summer. Plus, it's really hard to blog (and very annoying) when you have no one to take the pictures for you. No holiday aboard this summer for me. But! I am going away to do some voluntary work for a substantial amount of time reeeeeaaaaalll soon- so watch this space!

Just the other week I met up for dinner at Shake Shack and cocktails at Chiquitos in Central, with a cool awesome friend of mine who is here from America. We had drama classes together at university, whilst I was studying in California. And let me tell you- she is a character! So American it's crazy! Haha. I love hearing her stories about her 'crazy' sorority, while in turn I tell 'harmless' stories of the co-ed fraternity I joined.

T-shirt- Primark
Necklace- Primark
Faux leather Dress (worn as a skirt)- Republic
Lipstick- Keko
Heels- Office
I decided to wear a simple, playful outfit. A little dressy dressy. Just a little. The shoes- I love! Could have come with a thicker heel though, but it's all good because they are easy to walk in. I love the sexy simplicity of them. The T-shirt reminds me of some Kanye West/ Jay-Z album artwork or something. I decided to throw it on top of the dress, as a LBD can get a bit boring sometimes, especially, if the occasion is a very casual one.

With the beautiful Savannah.
Strawberry daiquiri? Don't mind if I do!

Until next time lovlies xx



  1. you look gorge! love the T!

    1. THANK YOU doll!! It's pretty cool huh!
      Loving your cute blog- enjoy Cali spent a year there- LOVE IT! And girl you can sing! Love Roar- such an empowering song- hope you go far!!



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