Monday, 16 September 2013

Joe's Southern Kitchen & Bar

Located in the heart of Covent Garden is this awesome American restaurant. It is a SOUTHERN American restaurant (not South America haha) which I say makes it that much more epic! Everything was fried with an inch of its life, and I got to say- I really enjoyed it. I didn't get the chance to visit places such as Atlanta and Louisiana whilst I was in the States, and, watching a lot of Man v Food made me really want to go to this place after finding it online!!

What should I order? There was a vast variety of chicken haha!
The interior of the restaurant was really nice. It portrayed Southern American culture very well I reckon. It was very dark, warm and kind of homely. It made me feel comfortable and relax! It's not a massive restaurant, but that's irrelevant as you feel secluded at your table with your mates- well I did! 

Now on to the food! We pigged out! Seriously. We got excited reading the menu- it took us back to the States and we wanted to try everything! We got lots of yummy yummy starters to share (though the others didn't like the cornbread, so I had that all to myself), and our very large mains and sexy cocktails. I got a strawberry daiquiri of course! Wouldn't have minded a larger glass though...

Our drinks: Coke, Strawberry daiquiri, Virgin mojito.

Our snacks/starters: Popcorn shrimp, Corn bred, Coq 'n' balls and Southern friend wings. The wings were everything! So succulent  crispy and meaty! And with the homemade BBQ sauce they were more than everything! They could be had for breakfast, lunch and dinner in my opinion!!

Our mains: (left) Chicken under a brick w/ Southern fried potatoes, Joe's Long Horn burger, and mine- Joe's Southern Fried Chicken! My mains was so good and seriously filing- I took two big pieces home, and that was half a bird!! Imagine I got a whole!! I'm not much of a potato person, but these well seasoned, soft potatoes hit the spot!

Let me know if you go/have been to Joe's!! :D

Joe's Southern Kitchen & Bar
34 King St,
Covent Garden,
London WC2E 8JD

Ciao for now!!


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