Tuesday, 11 February 2014

#nyfw #streetstyle

In the run up to London Fashion Week/Plus Size Fashion Weekend/London Fashion Weekend-which I am well EXCITED about, I've decided to do a quick post about the street styles I'm loving at #nyfw/#mbfw Spring 2014.
These looks are dope right?!

I'm loving bits and bots from all of these photos and there is no doubt that these beauties styled their outfits superbly! 
As you can probably tell from the majority of the pictures-I'm a lover of the over-sized coat. It's is perfect for this brutal weather we are having, and whether you go minimal or extravagant under it, it works either way. I mean, at the end of the day, it's all about confidence! I recentently copped a red (and very heavy) one from a vintage fair for 3 quid! Happy days!
Additionally, you probably can't tell what my general style is from these pictures- that's because I don't have a general style. As I've said loads of times-if I like it, I'll wear it! Simples!

*Disclaimer* I took these pictures from all over the glorious world wide web! They are none of my own.

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  1. i havent been ablt to go to fashion week this seasona dn i know that you have gone so i really want to read all about ti on your blog so please write up and show us outfits!!!

    Issie xox


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