Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Jumpsuit and heels.

This jumpsuit is super comfy and so easy to wear.  I have worn it numerous times but it has to be said, it looks best when it's paired with heels. It just elevates you and turn this sports style into something more sophisticated I reckon. The jumpsuit is not a colour I would normally wear, but none the less, it's great when you don't want to make a loud statement (then again, I can style it and make the outfit 'loud' haha). I've had these heels from ASOS for like forever and a day now, and though they are high, they are really comfortable to walk in. It the buckle detailing that got me. You may be able to tell from the pictures but the weather was just not on my side- it was rainy, dark and windy- not fun. Still got to pose through it eh!
Oh, and how dope is this backdrop! Love the colours!

Cap- Primark.
Necklace- Topshop.
Rucksack- Primark.
Jumpsuit- TK Maxx.
Heels- ASOS.
Watch- Michael Kors.

I've got some AWESOME news to share: I've been featured on the website, 'The Bloggers' Lounge'! They did an interview with me about my blogging life to date. Check it out here.!

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  1. congrats on the feature and thanx for the mention :)

    Issie xox


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