Sunday, 9 February 2014

Grandma's vintage.

This blazer has not been featured on the blog since my first post! Funny, as I wear it, like, all the time. Anyways, I've had this blazer for years and will never tire of it. It was my grans. She had style alright! (this is one of many things I have of hers). It literally goes with anything, and if not, I just wear it anyways. Here, I decided to make it the show and pair it with an all black ensemble. I'm rocking my new skort from Primark- it's really cool. A smart pair of shorts basically. And my red beanie that I hardly wear- it makes the red from the rest of the outfit (and me lips) pop!
Blazer- Grandmother's.
Crop Top-New Look.
Earrings- Topshop.

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