Sunday, 2 February 2014

Five Guys.

Have you heard of Five Guys? Of course you have!
I recently went to the Five Guys in Leicester Square, with a friend and I have to say, I think it's the best burger and fries I've had at a London eatery! Seriously, everything was fresh and deliciously tasty. It was pleasantly surprising to see that they did not use any freezers on the premises, and the fact that 'little' fries and a 'little' cheeseburger, were really large portions that filled me right up!! I loved how the kicthen area was so open too, they have nothing to hid. Oh, and the food came foiled wrapped and in these brown American style grocery bags- soooo unique! Nice change from those diner red containers eh!
You can also picked up some free peanuts if you fancy!
It's a great hangout spot, hours can past before you realise haha. Just get there before it gets busy, you'll be waiting outside in the cold. But... it'll be worth it!
I'm looking forward to my next visit!

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