Monday, 3 March 2014

Academy Awards: My 10 best dressed.

Here is my countdown on who I think were the best dressed ladies at the recent NAACP Awards, held in California on Sunday. (P.S. Can someone please tell me why L.C. did not get the gong for best actor??!- I haven't seen Dallas Buyers Club yet so maybe I shouldn't be reacting like this haha). I have to say, putting them in this order was haaarrrdddd. They are all stunning dresses. 


This pale pink suits Camilla to a T. It's structure is wonderfully sculpted. Beautiful. It looks perfect without any neck jewelry but I probably would have done a silver/diamond encrusted clutch haha.

Stunning dress. Just like Camilla's, the sculpture is outstanding and elegantly done. I just think this colour washing Kate out a bit and would have popped more in a darker shade perhaps. Nevertheless, the detailing is incredible and the tail is dramatic!


Now for a woman of a dignified age, this outfit is perfect. Meryl looks effortlessly stylish and stunning in this number. Plus, it's really hard to go wrong with monochrome. The draping of it all gives it a bit more edge.


Margot Robbie looks great in this black number. And now that her hair is of a similar colour too, gives it a bit more edge. I love the bow detail and sparkles. I just wouldn't have worn this to the Oscars. Maybe the MTV Movie Awards...

Kerry Washington seriously knows how to style her baby bump! The pleats at the top of the dress are working in her favor of  embracing the bump!The tone of the dress goes perfectly with her complexion and choice of lipstick colour. Very simple, but without a doubt, stylish. (Can't wait to see the cutie!)

I have not known Kirsten for being very fashionable-just being a really good comedic actress-but here, she is seriously fashionable! This dress is a stunner (need to find another word) and the colour works well on her, with her hair like that. The detailing is very intricate. Great job Kirsten! I love it. I want to wear it haha! 

Now how can you not love this dress??! If you do- don't you see it?! Such beautiful detail!! I believe this nude effect dress would look ah-maze-ing in any complexion. Cate's hair looks great too. My only teeny weeny issue with it is how the arms have been cut. I think they are too evident for what this dress is trying to do-maybe even long sleeves would have worked? *imagining myself in a long sleeve, complexion fitting, version of this dress*

This dress, matched with her hair colour is making Sandra look oh so Old Hollywood. I love the detaining of the dress and the way it just simply drapes. I LOVE THIS COLOUR! Sandra you look beautiful.

This dress was soooooo going to be number one-if it was in a different colour! I mean, most of the time you can't go wrong in black, but it would be nice if I could have seen it in a different colour (never know, may opt for the black one!) I absolutely love this dress! The nude straps; fitted body; and the extravagant sheer tail! Charlize is effortlessly wearing it. Most perfect type of necklace to wear with it too!

Surprised? Well you shouldn't be! Yet again Lupita chose a colour that works to her advantage like it can do on no other. Her skin is so radiant and makes the dress pop more. Plus, the headband and earring and swarovski additional embellishments on the dress makes me fall in love with it and her more and more. Plus her speech at the Essence luncheon was just profounding. 

Do you agree with me? How would you order them?

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