Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bloggers Love. Material Girl Event.

Last week Tuesday I was invited to an event held at Penthouse in Central London put on by Bloggers Love. Bloggers Love is an exclusive network which organises events to close the gap between bloggers and brands by showcasing latest products. Admittedly, as a lover of clothes first and foremost (over accessories I mean) this event was different for me as, evidently, it was just all about accessories. I know accessories can sometimes make or break an outfit and it was great to see all these beautifully made pieces from many brands that would undoubtedly make an outfit! I had such a great time, as I got the chance to meet fellow bloggers and have lengthy conversations with the brands and finding out about the stories behind their jewels. There was also a demo on how to style accessories for day/night looks-it's always helpful to get advice! Plus! There was a styling competition- unfortunately I didn't win- wasn't in my competitive mood haha! Twas a great night that ended crazily at around 3am! Haha! Now that's another story...

ALL the accessories were absolutely stunning. If you liked the look of any, check out the brands' websites:

Shirt- Grandma's vintage.
Crop Top-New Look.
Skirt- Primark (I pulled it up and shortened the base skirt).
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