Saturday, 22 March 2014

Car Boot Sale- Vintage Style.

Last weekend, London held it's second vintage car boot sale event, along the lovely Southbank. It was a glorious day (yay!) and I headed down there after work, with a mate, with the aim of copping some great vintage finds. It was cool vibes all afternoon, with the sun shining, REKORDERLIG, a live DJ set (that had me dancing whilst shopping) and people looking as vintage as one can get. I took the opportunity to wear vintage clothing myself- I mean, if you are going to wear your vintage clothes, best do it at a vintage event, right?!
It didn't feel like a car boot sale per se, as the clothes were not being sold out of cars, regardless, there were flashy, classic cars galore and every vintage thing you can think of! I loved the classic Pepsi-Cola signs- soooo cool!
I ended up purchasing some really cool, cheap jewelry, a tropical print blazer and a mint lace maxi dress. The dress had me at hello! I don't own anything this colour- and once I brought this, I've been seeing mint everywhere. Haha! (I guess that's because pastels are on trend too). Looking forward to rocking this in the summer sun. It looks SO classic on!
Twas a great day, which ended with free hot dogs! We even bumped into Justin Lee Collins!
Enjoy the abundance of pictures!
With my free hot dog from Engine Hot Dogs- thanks guy!
Justin Lee Collins! Cool dude with that awesome Bristolian accent! Haha!

 My purchases: 
Tropical print blazer.
Mint maxi lace dress.

What I wore:
Sequin cardigan- vintage shop in Sacramento, California.
Skirt- vintage fair in Bethnal Green, East London. 
Belt- Primark.
Bag- Ted Baker.

Check out this awesome video (featuring the vintage cars a lot more than my pictures haha) my mate Troy of TroyMeetsWorld made of our day.

Until next time,


  1. Wow, what a great event. It looks like you had such a great day! I love the skirt you wore! It looks gorgeous on you!

    ♡ Kristen //

    1. Ahhh thanks!!
      And yea the event was awesome-love the vintage stuff I left with :D
      Love your blog too- you're so gorgeous!

  2. This looks like a great car boot sale never knew about this otherwise I would have gone there aswell!

  3. Wooow this looks amazing and lots of fun! I haven't been to a proper bootsale in ages, but I like how this one seems to have captured a real quirky feel to it - much better then just the ones I've been to, buying stuff out of the back of someone's car in a muddy field haha! I'll have to keep an eye out for when the next one is on. Love your outfit too!

    Louise from

    1. Thanks hun!
      And yes! I'm looking forward to the next one- great bargains and a great vibe=awesomeness!! <3


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