Monday, 17 March 2014

The Breakfast Club.

So..... I have finally eaten at 'The Breakfast Club'! (It has been a long time coming) And I loved it! WE loved it! Haha! I met up with some friends that I studied in California with, for a good old catch up. We all got different orders, each as delicious and scrumptious looking as the next- can't you tell by the pictures?!
I got the 'big bad burrito' and let me tell you-it was big and bad, indeed! (Haha, I'm so lame). Seriously yummy and filling- I had to take breaks beaten bites! It was just under a tenner, so quite pricey, but somewhat, sort of, in a way, worth it. You have to pay for quality right? And that indeed was a quality burrito! I also got French toast to accompany it, and, with maple syrup, the toast was just lush!The decor was awesome too, hard not to get comfy and feel at home there. The Angel joint is quite small, I guess that's what gives it a homely feel-plus, the windowed roof was wonderful as we got natural sunlight-it was such a lovely day! (I want this weather to stay!!!). So get your butt down to a BC near you- they have a good amount popped up all over London. There is something for everyone. It's nothing but good vibes.
...I'm looking forward to my next visit!!
The Breakfast Club.
31 Camden Passage.

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