Friday, 1 March 2013

Flashback Friday!

I have decided that I am going to a ‘Flashback Friday’ segment! Just because it’s fun and takes me back. It will also allow you all to see past adventures of my life, and hopefully inspire you to have an adventure of your own!

This was taken nearly 2 years ago, mid March 2011. I went Jamaica (after an outstanding 14 years would you believe!) for my 20th birthday. Out there, my older sisters and I visited family and attended 'BritJam' events. Boy! What a lot of fun was had! (too much some may say!). I love Jamaica, so beautiful and tranquil. The food, the music, relaxed people- oh take me there now! 
This picture was taken in Hanover. We spent the day riding horses, first on land, then in the waters. As you can see from my expression I was loving every moment! (I eventually got lower in the water, thighs covered and all haha).
If you go JA, you must  do this activity, you'll love it!



  1. i love this..think its a mav idea and love your face :)

    1. Thanks boo- its a chance to go through holiday pics too haha xx


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