Friday, 15 March 2013

Flashback Friday!!

I was given the fantastic opportunity to study in China at East China Normal University for  summer school last year. I had the most amazing, remember able time out there, exploring Beijing, Shanghai and other incredible towns. Experiencing such a vivid culture first hand was just awesome- from the food to the people, I loved every minute of it! (even if I fell asleep in Chinese Politics occasionally, I still appreciated every moment haha). And as you can tell from this picture, I loved the rain too!! The rain in China is different to what I am used to with British rain- I can wear flip flops in it! It’s a rain where it is still warm and not too unpleasant. But don’t get me wrong, when it rains, it pours!

This photo was taken after a really long day of visiting Confucius temple and spending the afternoon with our assigned Chinese families. My mate and I wanted to walk through the buzzing streets despite the rain, and we were a little peckish- so we got ice creams! It was delicious, even with the added flavor!

Have you been to China? How was it for you?


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