Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Law Ball 2013!

Friends looking lovely. 

Being very serious at the chocolate fountain. It's a serious thing.

All up in my face! Haha.

Lovely ladies, we are picture perfect!

Dinner is served.

I didn't get my desert! 

Entertainment of the night, a belly dancer.

With these fine handsome men! 

This was epic! Much more than an ice sculpture haha!

With my family law lecturer (!!!) Such a lovely woman!

Winning big! Actually I won much bigger later on! 

Classmate looking dapper! (He was my bitch in the casino-he said it himself haha!

Getting down with the trumpets!

With my home girl from college days Ula!

Fun in the photo booth.

At the end of it all! We needed to sit!!

All change!

Don't know what is going on here! But the picture shows off the dress well! Haha!

Last Thursday I attended my university’s law society’s ball. The theme was Bond, James Bond. The event was actually called Skyball. Get it? Skyfall- Skyball! Haha. Anyways. It was such a lovely night. I had a great time with fellow students, and lecturers, all dressed up to the nines
As you can tell from the pictures, fun was had! I decided to finally attend this year’s law ball, after being invited the previous years, as I am now a final year student, it seemed logical to go.

My dress is from ASOS!! Which I love- I’m shopping there ALL THE TIME! I have to admit- it’s a sickness! (A good one, if there is such a thing) I was looking at a few, but this beaut just stood out to me. It was the lace-at the bottom. So different, I loved it. Went for black, classic I guess. But, the placing of the lace gave this dress a unique edge- and I’m so glad no one else was wearing it! Haha.

Those rocks you see in my ears, aren’t they lovely?! Yes, they are heavy, but I’ve gotten used to that, I’ve had them for years. I purchased these earrings when I was in Dubai at an Indian gold jewellery store. It was love at first sight and the perfect gift to myself to return home with.

Followed by the shindig was the after party at a nearby club. Many did not change, but as we were passing my house to get there, I could not miss that opportunity! I opted for this awesome dress I brought online from Forever 21 (I tell you, I miss the U.S. F21!). The ombre-ness of it is awesome! This is my first time wearing it since purchase, and it is very comfortable, easy to dance it. Especially as I paired it with my ASOS flatforms!

Do you have any special events coming up? If so, enjoy!



  1. This blue dress looks so good on you <3

    1. Thank you doll xx Its awesome ain't it?!


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