Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Shine Bright like a Diamond.

Shining bright like a diamond in the last two pictures haha!

I wasn't going to take pictures today as it was becoming such a hectic day (when is it never!), but luckily I had a spare five minutes just before heading into Mandarin class. The sun was already setting, hence why the pictures look the way they do, all over the place- I am still experimenting haha!

You may have noticed something different! I got my hair did! I love the feeling of freshly done hair, its fun and I enjoy conjuring different ways to style it. But, this time, my hairstyle of choice was pretty simple-sleek and simple. I wanted a ‘long bob’ because I was bored of long hair, and didn’t want something too short. So after searching the web for ideas and seeing this beautiful picture of supermodel Heidi Klum, my choice what made! 
Do you guys like it? How would you style it?

Like I said, you’ll be seeing me in my sneaker wedges way too often- they are just sooooo comfortable! This time, I paired them with leggings. I like this pair most out of all the pairs I have as they have this extra ribbed design just above the knee caps, making them unique. The sweater is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe! (I should say favorite is an understatement!!) I just simply love it! I get stares from people whenever I wear it and at least one complement! It’s a party on my body haha! I copped it in a vintage store in California, whilst on my year studying aboard. And for the AMAZING price of…*drumroll*… $10!

Word of advice- when you see a bargain as such, NEVER let it pass you! Even if it’s your last dime haha. You won’t regret it!

Here is the information on what I got, where:
  • sweater-vintage store in California
  • leggings-Calvin Klein
  • sneaker wedges-mr. shoes.co.uk
  • bag-Oasis 
  • watch-Micheal Kors
Hope you guys like the outfit, looking forward to your comments!



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