Friday, 8 March 2013

Flashback Friday!

This picture was taken in Davis, California, in November 2011. I went sky diving!! It was soooooooooo awesome! I was obviously a little scared, but being the opportunist that I am, I could not let this adventure past me! It is such an awesome experience. Seriously, you should try it if you get the chance!
I was screaming though I obviously could not be heard and just received a mouth of gushing air in return! Haha! The tranquil bit came when the parachute was pulled and my instructor and I were simply cruising in the sky! Floating around, admiring the view until we safely landed. I purchased the video that was made of my dive, and every time I laugh seeing that I wrote 'I'm flying w/out wings' on my hands and rocked red lips, and, I can't help but say ‘Did I really do that?!’.

Have you done it before? How did you find it?


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