Thursday, 7 March 2013

Year '22' Begins...

F.Y.I: This is a photo heavy post! Enjoy! :D

I taste good! Haha!

My beautiful, stylish mother and I.

Thanks for the awesome food chefs!

LOVE all the presents I received! Thanks beauties!

MY AMAZING, BEST-OF-THE-BEST, GOOD ENOUGH TO BE A WEDDING CAKE, CAKE! Thanks mother, did an awesome job with the design!! And taste sooooo good <3

I had a lovely birthday yesterday! Very relaxed (well somewhat!). Turning 22 is not one of the big ‘milestones’ I say- next one for me is 25-nonetheless, I am thankful to God for allowing me to live to see my 22nd birthday and for all the wonderful family and friends that were there to make my night! In my 21 years on this earth, I have been blessed to have done so many things around the world- from studying in California for a year, attending summer school in China and spending a month in the United Arab Emirates to perform for millions with my theatre company.  I am truly thankful to those that made things happen and look forward to my future adventures.

I celebrated my birthday with family and 10 awesome friends at ‘Kimchee’. A Korean restaurant located in Holborn, Central London. I can now say that I have fallen in love with the place-the food and the decor make it perfect. For a Wednesday night, the place was buzzing, but my guest and I were somewhat secluded from it all, which I loved- it felt we had a private suite haha. I cannot recommend this restaurant enough; I am looking forward to going back- you can get full on starters alone!

Like I said my day was somewhat relaxed as at the restaurant I was so hyper and excited. Pictures were just being taken left, right and center! No surprise haha. While editing through my pictures, I really wanted to limit the amount I put on my blog. I have, I guess, but obviously it’s still loads! Haha! If you want, you can check out my whole album on facebook.

Regarding my outfit, I don’t think I made time to take an ‘outfit shot’, sorry. I went for pastels and prints- which I love, separate and together. I received so many complements on my hair and outfit and I felt it was the right choice of wear for a 22nd. Compared to my 20th, where I wore a gown! Haha.

Have you been to ‘Kimchee’? What do you think of the restaurant? Hope you like the pictures!



  1. It Looks like u had a lovely birthday! the food and your out fit look yummy !!

  2. All that food looks delicious. Hope you had an amazing time xx

  3. The food looks amazing, hope you had a lovely birthday!
    xo Natasha

  4. Thank you, the night was just grand thanks!!



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