Thursday, 7 March 2013

The day after the fun.

After all the fun that occurred last night, it was back to school for me. I have to say, I was quite tired for most of the day, doing my best to listen in lectures (I ended up dozing off in Mandarin- just for like 5 minutes though!). Today I went for a simple put together outfit. The weather was crap, and by default I went for my khaki parka coat! I love this bad boy, it has been in my life for a good 5 years now would you believe?! I feel like I wear it all the time! It is so warm and comfy, and in this weather, I can’t think of anything else I would want to rock.

Do you recognize the t-shirt brand? It’s a clothing company called ‘The Hundreds’. I discovered them whilst I was studying in the States and copped this piece when I was shopping in San Francisco. ‘The Hundreds’ are pretty dope. I like the versatility of the brand and it how can be easily rocked by guys and girls. I also got this bag whilst in the States. I went shopping in Miami and saw this bag in 'Coach'. I really like the brand ‘Coach’ – well, the mature, elegant side of me does haha. I saw this and thought it would be great for when I return for final year to carry all my books- and it is! It’s durable and a great size! I went for flats to give my feet a little rest from wearing heels yesterday-wrong choice in this sucky weather!

Here is the information on what I got, where:
  • t-shirt: The Hundreds
  • skirt: Forever 21 in America
  • flats-Primark
  • Parka jacket: River Island (all those many, many years ago!)
  • bag: Coach

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