Friday, 15 March 2013

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag!

I have had such a busy week, and it’s still not over! It’s been university and events galore! Wednesday was awesome! I became American again haha! I spent my day having lunch with a group of Americans here in the U.K. for spring break, and the evening with them line dancing!! That was an experience. Haha. I’ve posted photos of my ‘peppers’ inspired outfit and photos from the dance. It took place in a warehouse with was cool. It felt like we found an abandoned space and just went wild. We did a ‘harlem shake’ video! You should have seen my excitement! Since I've been seeing them- I’ve wanted to do one. We’re young, wild and free!! Seriously, I just met these wonderful, God-fearing people this week and feel like I have known them for a while. Thank God we met- and thank God for facebook haha!! Safe journey home dudes and much love!!

Regarding my outfit, I think I literally just threw it together. Have you got pants in your wardrobe that you couldn’t wear because you gained weight (because you spent a year in the States eating at every restaurant that caught your eye!!!!!!) and then lost weight and they fitted again??! Well these red pants are it for me! I was so happy when they went up- it proved that my hard work and determination in the gym is showing results! If you are not happy about something-change it!

Below are the pictures of the ‘hoe down’!! It was so much fun learning traditional South Carolina line dancing and just simply spending my night with Americans who are here to experience the British culture.  In turn, I got to experience the American culture all over again.

F.Y.I. This guy knows how to TWERK!! He taught me!! Haha.

My awesome American friends! I miss you guys!! Y'all are awesome! 


  1. I love your camo:)

    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog:) I live in Cardiff Wales:) xx

    1. Thanks boo. You should let me know whenever you're in London, I'll let you know when I head to Wales!! :D



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