Saturday, 13 April 2013

I Heart London, Part II: Southbank Graffiti ...

Located on the Southbank area of the riverside, underneath the National Theatre, this dope place is usually filled with kids on BMXs and skateboards. Anyone is welcome here to do graffiti as its a 'legal wall'... so go on, express yourself! It's a great backdrop to take pictures and once you're done, you can go for a walk along the bank- which we did! We went on the day of the 'real street food festival', so the place was vibrant and full of life with unique styled stalls selling foods from all over the world. To be fair, any day you come to Southbank, there's usually something to do/see. The walk along it is cool- from Embankment to the Globe there's a million things for the eyes to digest. Oh, and check out the books that are always on sale, you'll get a deal there!

I went for all black everrrryyythaaannng with my outfit! Best to bring out the colors in the art me thinks. Pleather Heaven right here haha.  I love this dress- second time wearing it since since purchase aggggeeeesss ago. (Note to self: must wear more often). Its from Republic, which I believe is no longer around. It's comfortable and awesome because of the sheer at the top. I paired it with my jacket from Primark, and with my sneaker wedges- thank God for this invention- I love them!! These tights are a party on my legs- I like the shimmer they give- also from Primark. Finally, the cap its from a company 'The Hundreds'. I mentioned them in my post here. They are such a dope brand- check them out. I saw this hat and loved how simple it was with it being black and the writing in white. I usually wear it when I'm doing an 'all black everything' outfit, but it works as well with something different, due to its simplicity. Oh! Nearly forgot to tell you about this awesome collar! I copped it in a Chinese subway for 40 yuan...roughly £4!! Bargaining was so fun in China! And £4 was a great price for it. Especially if you compare it to how much it would have cost in the UK! 

I love Southbank, do you? Stay tuned for Part III and IV...



  1. awesome shots! great backdrop!

  2. Great post. I love
    London too aha. Amazing blog

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    1. Ahh thanks love.
      Yea sure I'll follow you, looking forward your posts!!

      S x

  3. great outfit!
    i love the graffiti.
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