Friday, 5 April 2013

Lunch at Byron.

I recently met up with a good friend of mine and we decided to have lunch at 'Byron'. He decided the restaurant as he had been there before, and I'm always up for going new places, so it was a done deal. Famed for their proper hamburgers, this restaurant is a great place to have a quick lunch, chill and talk with friends. It very much reminded me of the American diners I went to in the States. Small and compact (at first sight-there is more round the corner), the decor was awesome and the atmosphere was nice. Great service, great food-happy days. It was the first burger I had this year (!!) and I couldn't have chosen a better way to end that streak haha. Random but, I really liked the simplicity of the uniform the staff wore- you can even purchase a t-shirt on their website. Just a heads up, it is all about hamburgers at 'Byron', so if you are not a fan, it's not the place for you. Well, actually, you can always get a salad. 

Have you been 'Byron'? If not, go, you'll love it! :D
They have multiple restaurants located in London, and branches in Cambridge, Kent and Oxford.
I ate at the Haymarket Byron. 

11 Haymarket.


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