Saturday, 30 August 2014

Video Music Awards: My 10 best dressed.

The Video Music Awards this past weekend looked like so much fun! So many different styles all in one night- woah! Haha! Here's my top ten:


Yes Nikki! You are looking stunning. This dress and the print is great on your complexion. Love the simplicity of the hairstyle too. Great shoe choice.

Solange never fails to amaze me. I cannot fault an outfit I have seen her in thus far. LOVE everything about this outfit. Very interesting choice for the occasion but nonetheless, stunning. The hair is fab too. I would love to wear an outfit like this!!

Stunning simplicity. Kendall looks like a young Sandra Bullock, right?! Sort of. Haha! Great pop of red with the clutch too.

Victoria Justice- where is this skirt from and can I get one?! Haha! This is a fab number. As a dress, this would be something else- but it is looking stunning with this white crop top. The #hashtag clutch is a great addition too. If I was obsessed with #hashtags I would copped this in a second! (if it's affordable that is).

Kesha this dress is so elegant. Paired with the 5 colours in your hair- you have managed to give it more personality. It looks fab and the detailing is beautiful.

You look like it is impossible to move Chanel! Haha! Girl you look stunning! I'm loving what Balmain is showing us this season! Would love a piece in my wardrobe. From the hair, right down to the heels, Chanel is rocking the 'all black everything' look to a T!

Queen B! Yes! This dress is hugging your curves in all the right places. I love the paneling and detail and it just looks flawless on you!

Wow Rita!! This lady in red is giving us pure sex appeal...and then some. Love the collar. Simply stunning. That is all.

Miss J.Lo- hello!! Haha! This lady right here is motivation to stay fit when you are middle aged. This number is a beaut on her and she is giving 100% in this frock. Great colour on her too- and great heel choice.
This number is my favorite because of the print! The bead detail is impeccable and Joan just looks absolutely divine in this Balmain dress. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Love the hair too! I would love to see this look with a slick ponytail. 

Can we just have a moment, for this moment. Beautiful.
I actually want to take a moment to watch the VMAs instead of seeing bits piecemeal... wish me luck! Haha!

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