Friday, 15 August 2014

Africa: day and night.

I've mentioned numerous times on my blog that I love designing clothes, I love being unique with fashion! This here is something I got made whilst out in Rwanda (click here to check out my time there. I miss you Rwanda) and it's just so awesome! Our dressmaker was the best. I need her back in my life! Pronto!
In the first couple of pictures, I'm wearing the sweater over the peplum dress- it's a great day time look, paired with my flatform jellies. I love rocking this sweater with jeans too, super casual look.
Off comes the sweater to reveal the peplum dress in all its glory for a sensual night time look! It's formal, so would look good for a dinner or even in the office! I love it, and paired with heels- you're good to go on that night out!
Can we have a hand for the print??!! I must say, Rwanda has some awesome prints and I know I only skimmed the surface of what they had to offer!! 
Have you got any authentic African print clothes? I would love to see your designs!!

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