Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Barbie by Anne-Sophie Cochevelou.

*Seriously sorry for the lack of posts lately, been quite busy with things, life!*
I originally wanted to call this post 'Barbie earrings ... and then some. By Anne-Sophie Cochevelou'. But that was too long. Because, as you can see, Anne-Sophie does more than just Barbie earrings. The extravagant creative takes Barbie apart and tears her to pieces. Literally. And what she comes up with will surprise you...she plays with Ken and Lego too! I saw her showcasing her awesome collection at the recent Ram Place Fashion Market, and I could not leave without getting something. So I got a custom pair of Barbie earrings- with some purple in the mix (of course)! Pretty cool right? (Scary to some! Haha!). Check them out below!!
So cool!!!I'm just looking for the right event to wear them to! ... So unique! Here's more of her unique work, from earrings to necklaces to pendents- Anne-Sophie can make it for you!
 Check out these pictures Anne-Sophie took whilst making the earrings!
Anne-Sophie with the finished earrings!! LOVE!
Me rocking them with a purple jumper to match!!
THANKS! Anne-Sophie!! xx

Like what you see and fancy something 'Barbie-esque' yourself?
Check out Anne-Sophie's work here on her

Mention my blog and you'll be sure to get a discount!! 

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