Thursday, 28 August 2014

Bloggers Love fashion week pre-party.

Now who doesn't love a party? A party before the party is even better! I attended the Bloggers Love fashion week pre-party on Monday. As with all Bloggers Love events, it's a great chance to meet bloggers and get to know established and up and coming brands. The atmosphere was very chilled as there were various areas for us bloggers to explore- from photography to speed dating to borrowing clothes- it was a great warm up event for the main attraction. Bring it on! Plus! The candy bar was yummy!
Admittedly, I wasn't snap, snap, snapping away- I was DRENCHED! Actually, that is an understatement! I do not know how my large coat allowed me to get so soaked! You'll think I didn't have one- I mean, look at my jeans! Haha!
Anyways, thanks Bloggers Love for a lovely event! xx
Thanks Roxanne Campbell for the nails. Lush! 

Crop top: ASOS
Jeans: TK Maxx
Heels: Primark (...I know!) Very Ted Baker-esque. 

Until next time,

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