Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Emmy Awards: My 10 best dressed.

The Emmys last week was such a glamorous affair, everyone looked stunning! Here's my top ten (very hard to decide by the way):

This simple sweeping dress is so elegant on Octavia. Red dress and red clutch (love its shape) is a great combo. Beautiful. 
Oh Halle, I don't think she can do wrong. This blush is stunning on her. Beautiful sweeping dress with a perfect neckline for her. Exquisite as always.

Michelle looks so poised in this elegant dress. I love the simplicity of it, with bold pops of colour. Love the neckline too. 


This look looks so pure. Haha! I love the white and the detailing on the chest. Very sweet look. The styling of the dress is very unique, which I love.

I don't think I have seen Julia ever look so good! This is something I would love to wear! It looks heavy but whatever, haha! The colour and detailing is impeccable. Love the heels too. Great wavy locks to match too!

Hayden is glowing! Already stunning, this dress gives her extra. So elegant and beautiful. Perfect hair do too!

Sarah looked beautiful in this outfit. I love the coral balloon maxi skirt- gives the outfit real elegance with such a casual crop top. The up do make her gorgeous feature strike up and is perfect with this 'summer loving' attire.
Miss Angela! An inspiration to us all. You looj stunning mamma! This white crisp number, with the belt is such a timeless, effortless look. Loving the hair too! 

This colour on Mayim is so vibrant and in your face- I love it! I would love to wear this! The neck and hem lines are gorgeous- and the lace gives it that extra sophistication. Great hairstyle choice and jewelry too!! 

Now this dress is something! It is simply stunning. The white, shape, cut and design of this dress is perfection, if you ask me! Camilla looks so beautiful and elegant- I absolutely love it. Perfect hair- off the face to show the dress in all its glory, and perfect clutch too. LOVE! 

It was really hard this 'top ten'. I had so many more to consider. What do you think? Do you agree?

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