Thursday, 4 September 2014

What's in my suitcase?!

With the start of law school ever beckoning, I want to make the most out of what 'freedom' I have left before I move back into the library. (Btw, I actually love the library!). What better way to do so than to have a quick getaway in Europe with one of my good mates?! I'm very excited! I've had a great week this week, and next week will be a week of much deserved relaxation time, before ... well, you know! Haha!

Check out below what the ideal contents of my suitcase would be...

1. Sandals. It goes without saying, you definitely need a beautiful pair of sandals in your suitcase, especially if you are going on a beach holiday, with the hopes of a beach party too...*wishful thinking*.
2. High waisted bikini. As a curvy girl, his look is very flattering on my shape. I just love how they look- very 50s, vintage Hollywood, right?!
3. Kimono. A kimono will be perfect for the touristy parts of the holiday, i.e. visiting museums and such. It's so light and breezy, you may forget you have it on! I love a printed one myself!
4. Flower crown. It seems almost illegal to go away- holiday or festival- and not carry with you a flower crown of some sort! Haha! They are so cute, I mean, how can you not?
5. Sunglasses. I have been on the lookout for the perfect coloured reflective sunglasses. These one are lush! Gimme gimme! 
6. Sun spray. I want to glow, not burn!
7. Camera. Well, you'll want memories of the good times, won't you?
8. Jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is representing evening wear. For that elegant dinner, you'll want to be looking good, whether it be in a lovely jumpsuit like this, or in a stunner of a dress. 
9. Heels. At least one pair! Or two! Haha! For a lovely evening out. 
10. Tablet. Perfect to blog at the beach with (providing it have wifi near- you can always just draft posts!).
11. Tote bag. This is so essential. Along with your cute side bag, I reckon a tote bag is vital to store all the souvenirs and treats you pick up on a day out. Avoids you being a bag lady!
12. Flower print dress. We all need that cute little dress. Perfect for daytime, add heels and it will be great for night time too!

Now, of course there are LOADS of other things I will put in my case, like a fedora, jewelry, books and a music player.
What about you? What's your 'must have' items?
I would love to take a car and drive round Europe with some mates! oooo maybe next hoilday! Haha! If you are planning to do just that, check out, they have AWESOME deals on all your insurance needs!!

Now... to get said things! Haha!!

Until next time,

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