Thursday, 12 June 2014

Tony Awards :My 10 best dressed.

This weekend saw the Tony Awards, celebrating America's best, on and off Broadway. This is not much heard about over here. Nevertheless, it's always good to check out the red carpet fashion. So, here you go, here's my top 10!

This is a very rich deep colour. It looks great with dark hair. The dress is not that amazing but simplicity of it works. The hem line is a great length too- very summery. This would look great with a fedora and floral print wedges.

I know this dress is not very award show-y, nevertheless, Anika looks hot to trot in it! Leopard print is (usually) sexy and with the slit, this dress is gorgeous. I love the earrings and hairstyle too. Just what this dress needs. 

The hair, earrings and hair are just right! This is such a rich two tone colour. The cut of the dress looks like it needs more work to be honest, but the colour makes up for it (just a bit). All in all, it's a beautiful dress. 

Sophie looks stunning! The dress is so right for her. She is glowing. I love the sparkles it gives. It's nothing overly special, but she it has the elegant touch. The waist band could have been another colour too, but this one works. Cute clutch too.

This is such a cool colour. So bold and out there. It's awesome. It looks stunning here, and the earrings are a great match too. This look is so grand for the Tony's! Perfect hair too! 

The detail of this dress is beautiful. The gold looks lovely. looks a bit washed out on her. Nevertheless, it is a stunning and very elegant dress. I really like the neckline. Cute little clutch too. I would love to wear something like this to an evening event. 

Ok, so this is not the most flattering picture, but the other ones were not great quality. Anyways, I love the colour and cut of this dress. Screams summer. It is simple but very cute. I think it would look lovely with a multi-coloured statement necklace and gold metallic heels. 

I love the structure of this dress! It looks so sturdy ... can you sit in it? Haha. I really like the beading too, but, I'm not so sure on the design. It's like she is wearing a waistcoat. Nevertheless, the detail is so intricate and impressive, I would love to rock this dress. Great hairstyle choice too, hair swept back so the beauty of the dress can be shown. 

This dress probably couldn't get any more simpler, but Leighton looks absolutely stunning. The hairstyle is adding to the glam too. It is such a clean look. The silhouette gives the dress an elegant look. Love. 
This dress screams Great Gatsby! Love the silver, feathers and sparkles! Maggie looks so wonderful in this, and her hair cut helps too! It doesn't need heavy accessorising as it can easily stand alone. But, Swarovski studs wouldn't go amiss. Nevertheless, love love love it. She is just missing a silver metallic clutch. That's all. It's not to everyone's taste, but for such an occasion, it works!

Do you agree with my order? What  do you think?

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