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BUDAPEST 2014! Part One.

Warning: pictures galore!!
I'm more of a visual person, so I'm letting the pictures do most of the talking!
For four days in (late) May, I went for a break away with two of my closest friends- Christel (Butter) and Amirah (Valu) to BUDAPEST!! The names in brackets are what I normally call them- for some reason, I hardly refer to their first names haha!
Anyways, have you been to Budapest? What a wonderful city, right?! I was forever in awe of its beautiful architecture, people and cool vibe. The sun shining bright on us for the whole holiday definitely added to my enjoyment of it (only to come back to a rainy London *cry*- we in June, no?!). The girls and I had lots of fun organising and researching about Budapest beforehand. It's a place not well traveled by us Brits. But there is so much to do and see! WILL be going back! Four days is not enough, but perfect for a short trip. *note to self: take more short trips*
So, here are some pictures from day one and two of our holiday! Enjoy! xx

A glimpse of our apartment. 
Valu, Gomez and myself. Love you chics xx
Their version of 'Borris Bike' 
Hungarian Parlament.
Living on the edge!!
Looking over the River Dunabe to the Buda side of Budapest.
Calling it a night!

We arrived at our apartment in the afternoon, unpacked and relaxed for a bit. The apartment was awesome- just prefect! Couldn't have wanted anything more. 'Airbnb' is the way forward. (Cheers Gomez). For our first day, we decided to tour the city, visiting malls and such- mainly by foot. We checked out the Hungarian Parlament-simply stunning. We were there for a while as we needed to have some R and R from all the walking, and there was some lobbying happening outside, which caught our interest. 
What a beautiful city! We ended the day with a food trip to Aldi, haha. We stocked up our apartment with nibble and wine (of course)! I felt like I was home already, like I was studying aboard again or something!! Haha! 

Heroes Square.
Getting the bus over Chain Bridge (Lanc Hid), to the Buda side of Budapest. (took this whilst standing at the front of the bus).
Museum of Fine Art. 
Rocking my Jump From Paper bag. 
Dracula's grave!! Oooooooo
Foooooooood! Yummy in my tummy!
Tuesday was jam packed with visiting various areas of Budapest- obviously. We started with a trip to Heroes Square to see some lovely art in the Museum of Fine Art. Some workers there were very moody- they were looking as pessimistic as some of the people in the portraits, Gomez may say! Haha! From there, we traveled to the Buda side of Budapest. now, this side is more historic and gives a GREAT view of the whole of Parlament. Here we visited Buda Castle, its labyrinth (where Dracula is supposedly buried- ooooooooooo), St. Matthis Church and Fisherman's Bastion. We stopped for some R and R and ice cream, in this lovely spot where we all got serenaded by these guys playing various instruments. 
We then headed back to the Pest side of Budapest- some say the 'outgoing' side, and had dinner at this lovely restaurant, 'ES', attached to the Kempinski Hotel. We all had baby chicken, with various sides and it was very enjoyable. Eating alfresco on a sunny day, in a foreign  country- LOVE! 

We then ended the day with a trip to Szimpla, in Astoria. Szimpla is one of Budapest's best known ruin bar and I saw why. We had a great time! Cheap drinks, good music and great vibes. I met up with the blogger Susie of beautywithplus- I met her at #BPSFW. She introduced us to her friends and they showed us more of Budapest at night, after we moved on from Szimpla. All in all, it was a good night ... someone even tried to sell us carrots in the bar!! Okay.... haha! 
Bathroom selfie before me leave.
Carrots in a club! ...okay ...haha!
With Susie :D
With Bence, cool dude! 
THANK GOD for Gomez!! Haha! 

Sooooo... a LOT to take in, right?! We crammed a lot in in four days! As one must do.
Thanks again Susie and co. was lovely seeing you again. Will repeat xx

I guess you want outfit details?? Here you go ;D
Outfit 1:                                                          Outfit 2:                               Outfit 3:
Playsuit- Kookai (5yo!!)                                  Bralet- H&M                         Crop top, necklace,
Hat and sandals-Primark                                  T-shirt, jeans,                        sandals- Primark
Bag- Ted Baker                                              slip ons- Primark                   Split skirt- River Island   
                                                                       Bag- JumpFromPaper          Vintage necklace, worn on head

Keep a lookout for the second part of my Budapest trip! AND a vlog of our adventure! Coming soon...

Until next time,

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