Monday, 2 June 2014

Blending in to the walls...

This post is all about the top. Well, I'll quickly mention the heels. I copped these beauties in Urban Outfitters in Sacramento, California for a whopping $20!! They were on sale and I did not hesitate! Obviously. I love the wooden heel, it's different from your standard. They are very high too! :D
Now, the top. I found this top whilst vintage shopping in Portsmouth. They are not colours I would normally wear together, but I took a liking to the the elastic waistband (I'm thinking crop top here) and the uniqueness of the print. Then again, it's all about having the confidence to make it work!!

I look about 16 here! Haha! Woo hoo to looking young haha!
I'm back from Budapest. I had a short holiday with the girls, that consisted of a lot of R and R! Haha! Blog post about the trip is coming soon. But for now, click on the 'travel' tab and check out some pictures from our adventure! (Also, check out my instagram

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  1. Love this outfit! Every single piece is beautiful individually and they all go well together. Two thumbs up! ;)


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