Thursday, 24 April 2014

MTV Movie Awards: My 10 best dressed.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, Easter was busy, plus work, plus... I could go on! Haha! Anyways, back to it...
I know I am a tad late with this post, nevertheless, I am still loving what I saw some celebrities wore to the MTV Movie Awards! And besides, their overall trends to me are quite inspiring for Spring/Summer. Take note people!
This is sweet. Like high school prom sweet. Chrissy looks very cute in it. The colour is very pale, and with it being so, I think she could have added some statement jewelry to it. Regardless, the puffed skirt is what makes this better than your average dress. Great touch.
This dress is great for a night out (with a warm breeze haha). White is big this season, and it's a great colour to rock- remember it is all about having the confidence. Arden Cho looks cute and simple in this mesh panel number. It is ideal to add a pop of colour to a outfit like this, like she has with her clutch. 
Rihanna always knows how to rock an outfit- I think this girl would have a bin liner flying off the shelves if she was seen wearing one!! This whole 'night time' look actually works I think. The play-suit is very sexy and with this light dressing gown, I mean, cardigan, the look is very workable. The delicate jewelry is perfect with this look- nothing heavy is needed.  
This is a really cute number. And the colour is different from what is usually worn on the red carpet. I love it. From the pleated skirt to the knot in the top- it really is a sweet outfit. The black heels compliment it too. I probably would have worn perhaps a black and gold necklace or some sort, as I feel it's looking a bit bare up top. Nevertheless, I'm definitely getting inspiration from this 'fit!
Rita Ora is oozing sexy appeal like never before in this dress! I would LOVE to wear something like this! One day eh! With this plunge line, no statement jewelry is needed. The dress is doing all the talking. And black is the perfect colour, as the neckline is what's important about this dress. Pockets too are a plus! Finished with a slash of red on the lips- this outfit rocks!! 
Jessica Alba looks summer ready here! With her gorgeous complexions, these two colours work like a charm and compliment her wonderfully. I'm not sure about the big bulky black bag, but nevertheless,, she is looking sweet and actually quite sophisticated (In a summary sort of way). I love her hair too. This colour is working for her. 
Rosci looks so cute and sweet here. I am loving the all white look this season, and this is a good take on it. Bey recently wore a smiliar outfit like this over the Easter- The skater skirt is so now and perfect for this weather. It's the laser cut outs that really makes the outfit though- love it! Cute and simple, yet, it makes a statement
Sorry Lupita, you are not number one this time- but I still love this outfit- and you!! You may know, I am a lover of colour- I embrace it and not shy away from it- and this outfit is colour overload! Love!! Now, the different texture combinations are very interestng and different, which makes this outfit even better and more unique. Why play it safe? That's boring. You're meant to have fun with fashion!! And Lupita, these days uou seem to be having a whale of a time!! Oh, with these court shoes, in this blue, the outfit is perfectly completed.
Ellie, girl, you look amazing! I think the best I've seen you look actually. This all white number really works. I like the pocket detail too- gives it a little something more. The minimal jewelry look is what this dress needs, as it does bad all by itself! Haha! Perfect for summer and those evenings in the breeze.
This dress it something else!! I LOVE Zendaya Coleman's style- whether dressed down or dressed up, she has the confidence to rock any outfit! The colours work together well here and the split just compliments it all. I love the yellow block finish of the dress and I don't think I could have chosen a better pair of heels myself to go with this stunning Emanuel Ungaro piece. 

What do you think about how I ranked them? Which is your fav?

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  1. I really like Jessica Alba's outfit. Very sweet and so girl. Great post.

    1. Yeah she actually looks really cute- perfect summer attire.
      And thanks!
      Love your blog and style xx


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