Thursday, 3 April 2014


The awesome company that is 'Bloggers Love' ran it's first 'Bloggers Love Fashion Week' (#BLFW) last week over 3 days. I actually was only able to attend Wednesday, the final day, and the theme was: All Black City Chic.
It was a great, well organised event as there were loads of brands present to liaise with (and of course, get their products to try, for free- freebies basically!), fashion shows and treatments on offer. There was even a photo booth with loads of cool props- that was fun!
I had a great time as I got to meet new bloggers and catch up with some I've met at other events and who now I consider friends (ahhhhhh haha). Check out the pictures below! I'm looking forward to their next event!
In the first picture, you can see that I rocked up to the event with these ridiculously hairy caterpillars on my face. Thanks to HiBrow, they got sorted! The lovely lady worked her magic on them and gave them shape and definition. You can see that they came out thick, well thicker (my eyebrows were crazy thick already) and they looked great, as I got many compliments on them and sent bloggers to them straight after! Haha!
After speaking to Mark (the company rep) and finding out what they do- which includes EYEBORW EXTENSIONS (!!)- I can tell that it is a great, reputable company with the aim of making people feel great-through having great eyebrows! Check out their website to see what they do! Oh, and on the night, they were having a competition to win 1 of 5 of their 'Brow Powder Compact' and ... I was one of the lucky winners!! Yay! Cheers guys xx
How cool is this party makeup on us ladies?! Awesome right! Well, it's brought to you by: The Parlour. A lovely London- based make up and styling collective. They usually work at festivals, but can do private events too! You'll see them at this year's Lovebox festival!! They can do anything you desire- it's awesome and fun- and glittery! Most of the ladies at the event got the glitter works, but I wanted something simpler, and to match my sweater. I love the bindi and and the rest-oh, bring on summer already!! (Well spring is here, so I guess it will suffice haha!). Thanks ladies for the look- check out their website.

Here are some pictures from the various fashion shows:
With the beautiful Olivia. Check out her blog!
With the lovely bloggers Christine and Lousie Joy. Check out their blogs!
With Gina from BB- she's really sweet and told me she has something coming up! I can't say anymore...haha!

What I wore:
Sweater- Vintage store in Sacramento, California. (I love it and it got loads of compliments!)
Skirt- French Connection.
Heels- Primark.

Finally, these white, squared beauties are marshmallows! Seriously scrumptious they were!! They are from 'Boomf''- they allow you to upload your instagrams onto their site and they'll deliver your marshmallows with your fab pictures on them! Awesome right! I had a go at the event and look what I got sent! 
Thanks guys! I love them- and they come in a cute box too!
Now, if you guys want some of your own, or fancy giving them as a pressie- the lovely guys at Boomf are offering my readers 10% off (lucky you!) Just click here and use the code BOOMF_ME_BLFW !
I'll love to see what you guys come up with!

Always a pleasure, Bloggers Love xx

Until next time,


  1. sounds amazing.. wish we had events like that in notts. I am tempted to see if we can organise a blogger meet up or something. I would have loved to come man.. an evening of all black.. thats the life i live everyday and finally i dot have to defend my choice of shades (i always get told black is not a

    Issie xox

    1. Yes do it!! Should be a laugh.
      And you're right, the dress code was right up your street! Haha


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