Monday, 28 April 2014

Shopcade Sway Report March 2014!!!!!!!

So you may have seen when I posted about taking part in a photo shoot for Shopcade- for a BOOK. Weeeeelllllllll..... the book is finally here!! It is a swag report that Shopcade will be doing every month, showcasing the fashionable people of the world. This is their first one and (rightly so) they started in London, but where will they go next? Who knows! Make some noise and perhaps they may be going to a town near you!!
Like I said, I had such a great day and the experience was priceless. I felt very honored to be a part of it, especially as my blog is still in diapers (I'm saying it is relatively new haha ). Copies of the book came in the post last week and my excitement was not describable haha! If you can get yourself a hard copy of this jewel, but for now, check it out online! Click HERE.

Here is a very blurry sneak peek!

Thanks again Shopcade x Emmanuel André.

Until next time,

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