Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Elle's Women in Music: My 10 best dressed.

Last week Elle celebrated its seventh annual Women in Music concert celebration, celebrating, women in music, obviously, and the music industry's new stars. Here's my 10 best dressed. Everyone looked incredible, but here's who I think looked the best!!

This outfit is cute and simple. Monochrome always works- and with a slash of red, whether it be on the lips or as an accessory, the outfit is vamped up. The skirt is cute too- with it's simplistic pattern. I say this is an outfit to wear when meeting friends for the evening, when it's just a real casual event.

I like the look of this dress. Very different to the norm and really cool. The colour is great too. Not sure it's the best she could have chosen for her complexion, but whatever! Wear what you want! The cut out is well placed and sits well with the whole look of the dress. Not so sure about the heels though...

Now I am a lover of purple, and this purple dress is lush. It's realllllyyy cute and suits her perfectly. I know there is nothing much special about it, but on a teen, going somewhere on a summers day, like brunch, this dress should be top choice! 

Zendaya was #1 on my previous list- this girl is a great dresser!! Props to her stylist. I'm feeling the suit, but obviously not enough for her to be #1 again. Sorry. She is working the suit and hat with great confidence and everything compliments each other to a T!! LOVE!

This dress is pretty simple, yes, but here, it is all about the cut outs. This dress is made lovely by the cut outs- especially the back ones!! (Google for a picture) I love it and could see this being rocked on a beach holiday. Ummmm candlelit dinner on the beach...Sorry I'm dreaming right now! 

I love this look, it is very me!! The crop top is lush and perfect in black. The pants are awesome too, I love the pattern- great pairing. Plus, with the addition of the heels and clutch, this outfit rocks!
I love the simplicity yet intricacy of this dress. She is making this look look effortless. It's an elegant and stylish look, and the shades of great work a treat. I would love to rock this myself. The white heels are a great idea for this look too.  
I'm all about mixing prints. That is all. Haha, not really. I love this and Kat looks stunning. It is key when you mix prints that there is colour(s) or a theme that combines the two prints together- here it is pink and blue. (Or not, up to you really). Great job Kat!
Love love love! This is probably the best flower print dress my eyes have ever encountered. True story. I love the shape of the skirt and the collar- I actually want it. Note to self: Must find something like it!! The heels are printed too and just complete the outfit, making it perfection!

I love a good all white ensemble. And this is a good one. Indeed. The architecture of this outfit is lush and very simplistic, yet effective. Girl looks good and sophisticated!! I want to rock a white outfit this summer, I believe it's been a while. I just would have worn white or coloured heels to give it a little pop. Nevertheless, it's love.

What do you think? Do you agree with me?

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